the ITV link for the full video of ALshabab nikkas being killed.

imeenda wapi.

imekua pulled down in most places sijui admin ameingizia ama niaje

Good riddance…You live by the sword, you die by the sword…Expect the same or even crude methods to be used on you. I just laugh at this fools screaming Allahu Akbar thinking that they will be in paradise in a few after they have been dispatched.

The government banned the video ama hujui?

ninajua ndio maana nimesema hivyo

Now that is a cruel death…shit

those vids are not playing

That video is heavily edited… And its all over not forgetting the video and its screenshots are in major news websites, and YouTube… But again I think you must be feeling good asserting your authority here by deleting… Delete the ones on youtube and please tell the government to also ban YouTube… Damn! That shit used to happen during Moi error.

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You are taking it out unfairly on ol monk, a govt directive must be obeyed.

Mr. Thirdman or whatever you call yourself Go watch it in YouTube and those other places. In this site we respect the authority and we will not allow this site to be used a a tool to spread terrorist ideology

@Deorro sasa vita iko wapi? @ol monk the monkey had posted the vid hia from somewhere and if its not of your taste then let the monkey repost the link we will watch it from those sites.

The clue to getting the video is in the main body of your post. Now use Google to get it ama inbox @Elin for a link

How is a video of idiotic terrorists being mowed down in a hail of kdf bullets amounts to spreading terrorist agenda? Or did I miss something?.. What I had posted was heavly edited…

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Habari ndio Hiyo.[ATTACH=full]8057[/ATTACH]

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sometimes i think ma 2 year old son has more brains than you, would i have started a thread i had not googled the video? instead of ranting your ignorance, use your pealike of a brain to comment on post that you can articulate and offer help if possible… be helpful as @ol monk the monkey

Thenks @ol monk

@Electronics4u Kindly assist with the link of the full clip which alkebabs were being torn to threads.

Sorry. I cant do it for some legal reasons.

Your pumpkin sized brain does not know how to use Google to search for an item or what are you trying to insinuate? Neither cant it think of making you privately inbox the people you were told placed it here?

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Avicii you reack of arrogance and stupidity. Coz you knw how to use google yesterday yo come and gloat like a pampered pig? nigga pliz, umama peleka saloon. Kubaff!

Enuff withe yapping. piganeni sasa tumengoja sana.