Ol monk.....

after kuwa away for a while nime log in leo napata kuna mahali umeniita fala… awali kidogo kwa thread ya jagger snr njamba huthu alikutusi ukadelete comment yake asap… hizo pupuu za klist ulikua unajua ni views ngapi zina generate ?? kila soko ina wenda wazimu wa kila aina… am not here to impress gals or act ‘cool’. infact am not a cool guy in real life… ile kazi umepewa hapa niku hakikisha views za threads zinazidi kuongezeka… stick to that and let le

let people be… kama thread haikubambi tembeza mcuuunduz to the next one… ama uidelete altogether… geko giki…

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Of all the things @ol monk anaweza tembeza umeona utaje tu mkundu.



Porno pelekeni VIP. Klost was stricter and some people would post anything without getting suspended and without explanation. If you have something people love because it suits their every whim, you have a problem and you are in danger. If you have something people cant go without, you are secure. Zuckerberg said he is not trying to please anyone and certainly not trying to be cool, but he is trying to make users dependent.

aish @ol monk …you came across as such a soft guy…one word guy…do you ever smile?..yani ata mtu akikutusi anasikia guilty…

i find such men very very hot @ol monk …when they smile, its genuine…do u have dimples?

kavita katambe @Col Kakende kanyaga mtu

@ol monk unaitikia kuzushiwa ivio?!?

Nabado my dear…it wont get any better…trust me on that, but i have a feeling you will be just fine…@ol monkey


Wewe nakucheki na macho ya Muite.


“Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
or you yourself will be just like him.”

hahahaha…am soo harmless…relax mi dear…

Hahaha. Okey

i need my Jaks now…:slight_smile:

Usijaribu kuleta compe na hiyo foreskin holder yako;)

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hahahahhahah…you have no idea how it feels to have that skin run the nini!!! ama watching as the head hides…:):mad:

hahahahahah sawa…horrific?..its a turn on…