@Ol monk and co, what have you done?


I did not create the thread above. How can you copy all the replies from @karl marx and put them in a new thread under my name, thereby suggesting that am the creator? What are you guys up to?


Stop this bullshit


Me too.

Ama ni Revenge 101?


Lies. And you know it. Monks shouldn’t lie.

You know how klost went down? Someone tried to mess the way you are trying here.

There is a post you have done and I have found it deleted

reminds me of some mugithi ‘ngoma niwanjikirire’

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Apologies accepted.

Of the 1001 members who have allegedly registered… 300 are multi handlers… so tread very carefuly… wewe nugu mzeee…

My listing was also deleted…Terms and Conditions!

It’s my listing all rights to delete should be reserved to me…

Na hiyo listing yako ilienda na likes zangu ka 20 hivi hivi