Okuyu lady and Baba Shiko

I agree. It’s evident that the lady ameachwa Kwa mataa after helping the ungrateful dude for 10 years after kupata kakazi ya Uber.
She is actually is restraining herself. Kaa ni wengine hio gari ingekua na scratches na dents.

We all know how this ends. The dude in jail, his balls gone, or six feet under.

Kitanda usichokilalia hujui kunguni wake…

This is free advice. You can choose to ignore but ole wako my friend…if a woman spends any dime on you hakikisha umerudisha. These kungurus are unlike our mothers.

Seriously guys, unfortunately the fights that you guys have, will not cease until you both take a step back and re-evaluate your situation. Sometimes in order to solve a problem in life, time apart to grow and look back on things with a clear head is the starting point.

She’s used to you. You’re used to her. When she flies off the handle, you become the human punching bag, because in her mind, you’re HERS! She feels she is able to do anything to you.

And in your mind you’re so confused about the whole situation, fighting with your emotions of love for the girl and peace of mind if you were to move on.

You’re going find out later in life that peace of mind, no drama and sanity in your own life FAR outweighs any uncomfortable relationship.

That is precisely why he should give her what she wants and move to Somalia. Beats making dental imprints on each other kwa gari ya biashara.

Also, never let a woman buy anything significant in the house. Ile siku mtakosana, the whole neighborhood will know how “useless” you are for not being able to afford anything. She will say silly things like “hebu leta hiyo tv yangu na sofa yangu niende nazo”.

Only let her buy things like vyombo and kids’ clothes.

The man is stupid …the wife has carried your babies: Jason and shiko for nine months, she deserves a little respect. Halafu ana record conversation yote, halafu anauuma mwanamke. What’s wrong with men of these days?

The woman is a loud mouth. These are kind of women who kill their husbands. Nothing is dangerous as a woman who has nothing in between the ears but got something in between the legs. …

ni mimi tu nimesikia Kabete?

ogopa wale huchukua abuse bila kusema kitu…still waters run deep!

:D:D:D “ulikuwa unakunywa manusu inanuka mavi unalala ICU nakulipia 120k!”



Kuna watu hawana bahati. Mtu anaoa barmaid na bado anatafuta baba ya watoto… Mama mwenyewe ni mlevi hajui watoto baba zao ni nani sasa yeye ndiye atajua? heheheeee… Ati anauliza barmaid, “kwa nini unalewanga.”

That woman is very reasonable. She has been supporting that man for ten years hata akamlipia driving school. Recording the mother of your children and releasing the video to the public clearly shows that the man is retarded.

Wote hao hawasaidiki.

Sadness of life.

we never heard that man’s side of the story, so tulia

uuuuwi uuuwi…the devo himuseluf…baba shiko kimbia mbio while you can

At a Mimi sitoki hapa kama Betty hajakuja

His only rebuttal was that he stayed with the children

Refer to @vuja de 's comment above

But the man has also sacrificed his finances, time and emotions. You are making it seem the lady is the only one losing in that situation.