Okuyu lady and Baba Shiko

Talk of being ungrateful.

Why raise another man’s child


Ngui ya mutumia.

Mwanaume mgani huji record akiuma mwanamke?
Huyo mjamaa ana umama mob.

Umama first class

Dating, cohabiting, relating, marrying such ladies is recipe for disaster.


Sasa hii ndio kunguru kwa wale hawajui. Na bado haijamaliza kazi vile bado iko form ata after kudrop 4 copies.

That man is a cuck… That Okuyu lady cucked baba Shiko a good one… Why raise a another man’s sperm? What did he think would happen?

Once you get cucked, a woman looses all respect she had for you… Wachaneni na single mothers, kama ni lazima tumia CD tafadhali

still thinking

hapo unafunga belt na unagongesha gari pande yake

Bunny boiler manenos. Kikikikkkk…
When dealing with crazy drama queens like this lazima you record everything.
She’s the kind that will Frame you for rape.

I can give this one anything aniondokee na nihamie Somalia.


Men take this as a lesson… Dont ever accept monetary help from a woman… She will always keep records in a cloud on a corner of her mind… You will rue the day mtakosana… She will climb the highest mountain to tell the world how burukenge of a man you are.

That’s one crazy bitch, and a henpecked fraidy cat.

Try to look at it this way…someone has lived with you ten years in which there are two children born, then ups and leaves for another relationship, perhaps a younger girl…

Hiyo sauti ni kama ya @Panyaste!!

Tell that to the man when he is desperate detained in a hospital over a bill he cannot raise…

Unafikiri alikuwa anamlipia bill kwa sababu anamchukia?