#Okoa @panyaste

It seems our one time village darling @Panyaste has fallen on hard times. Hii mbirikimo kutoka ideportiwe kazi imekua keg na ugali Sukuma.

We were all once mesmerised by his chokosh wars with @Wakanyama and uwes and his hekayas with pictures were as funny AF. He may not be the most humble of villagers but he does not deserve what he is going through.

So @Panyaste if you are out there and have not yet committed suicide, wekelea pay bill Number and some hard evidence of your current situation and villagers of good will watakutumia kakitu.

Me I pledge Ksh 500.

Am pledging 5 euros. @Panyaste★ ulituma CV Kwa wakanyaks. Huyo pure blood atakudunga job ya gutūndira mitura.


Is it true he was deported? Could be a lie

The Enigma pledges 100 dallaz

The Enigma pledges 100 dallaz

[SIZE=5]It is always great seeing a wife and her husband working together to save the disadvantaged.[/SIZE]

Sema Patricia bado unauza mkundu pale kitale


Deportation is normally a closely guarded secret because of the shame and stigma associated with it.

Why would you wanna okoa a bigga with two balls …?

Huyu jamaa ajitokeze tumtumie kakitu via paybill number

My tiny friend weka mpesa number

0721 304178

Itatoa jina ngani?

Tuma kwa Panya Kibet


takataka yeye wacha akule shida