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Kenya Constitution Amendment Bill 2015.

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I am curious about clause 23 of restricting public appointment jobs at 15% per tribe Whereas Kenya Biggest ethnic community is at 22%… What could be the explanation?


If your outlook to the world or Kenya is based on your tribal grounds my dear you have issues. The document or bill was crafted by politicians whose level of thinking appeals to the hoi polloi(read wanjiku). The educated don’t vote and only do hashtag activism. To put you in perspective, I am kuyk/luhya.My kisii friend we are eating kuku choma later, was with Meru n kyuk friends last night.

We don’t give a flying fück what tribe you are as long as you have substance. Am on sone whisky so ntaendelea later.


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Before you continue throwing stones into my direction… PLEASE NOTE this amendment was authored by CORD, The Biggest Kenya opposition coalition… My question was about caping puplic appointment jobs at 15% and you instead of answering my simple query you opted to instead blubber irrelevancies about my outlook about tribes as if I helped Author the amendment.

This is nonsense, people should be appointed according to qualifications


Who gives a fúck!!unga bado najitafutia like always…while the high and mighty continue oppressing us.the more you think things will change the more they will remain the same


Hizi ujinga za Rayila. The guy will never unite Kenyans. He’s constantly dividing them. How some people trust him is beyond me



Nimeuliza wapi nitapata hii mkate mpya ya Gor mahia hakuna mtu anajibu.Si hiyo pia ni dividing tactics za babu?

First punguza ulevi na ununue mkate na Mayai… Coz your family is out there suffering because of your love of the bottle… Somehow I know I am not wrong on this one…

Nkirudi, selfie ndani ya fridge.promise

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this is idiotic and chaotic, it is a way of fighting tribes with the highest population that did not vote for him. If it is about repesentation each tribe should get appointments equal to the proportion it makes in overall kenyan population

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Nkirudi, selfie ndani ya fridge.promise

Get a black biro and paper, enda kwa fridge yako then take a pic of your fridge content, but the paper should have the words “WEB DEV” should be clearly visible with today’s date… I will respect you for ever if you do that plus doubts about you and your drinking will be cleared for ever …THANKS.

Challenge accepted
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@webdev…na bado hio wine umeweka hapo is worth much more than ile food tunaona…haya kimbia ununue maziwa sasa…usisahau mayai pia na mkate.

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@muria.mboco kuna mlango kando ina matamtam