Okiya Okoiti Omtata

You managed a paltry 6 points last night, I did 5, let’s see how it goes down this afternoon.

Jana was a bad day in the office. Ata fantasy football my players performed dismally.

got 9 points jana fantassy nayo sisemi

sisi watu wa 1 point tumenyamaza tuu

1 point?

hizo points zinawacalculated aje? ama mnipe link ya current standings

Mundu si naona pia wewe u have 9 points this game week…Wacha tungoje leo then we evaluate. Already najua umenishinda & congrats 4 that but my aim is to narrow the gap from the current 3 points to 1. Nitaangalia table 8:30

naona niko ranked number 41 at least niko top50

I have amassed six points after yesterday’s games, an improvement from the one i garnered last weekend, total seven points

Pole mundu. I erred in saying you had 9 points.There was confusion as I was reading the tally of @Electronics4u. Wewe naona umepata 6 points including the 1 point for the Southampton v Norwich match which you predicted 1-1

Seems you guys edit your predictions after match

How do I know my points?

Hehehe umeona handle ya admin ni number 1?

He he…huyu okiya Ana tamper Na betslip

Swansea have made Man United their bisches, three straight wins in a row against United isn’t luck.

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Who will they panic buy?

It early but the way things are going hakuna team mteremuko this season, apart from like two. Shida yetu Man utd is that we don’t seize the opportunity when the other big teams lose their games.

That habit is so frustrating kwanza that season that city won the league in the last minute, the last five games of that season we literary gave them the cup. We had numerous chances to win the league with several games to go but we were always bottling the games

Yenyewe hii weekend ilikuwa the most unpredictable, @Okiya nimekubali.

@Mundu Mulosi hata sikuoni page 1 ya ranking list na Sato you were there!!.

Hii weekend I was only sure of the man city game. The other games anyone would have won. Sasa tuonane tena after 2 weeks. Next week is international break