Okiya, Kuom Kiasi....Cytonn manenoz

@Okiya unakumbuka ile post ya Cytonn? Jana niliona Alai ameropokwa huko MKZ. It was like he was giving a movie trailer, making it sound like details would emerge soon.

Niliona cytonnaires kwa comment section wameanza kupandwa na pressure.
So unaonaje? Is it Alai’s usual mharo, ama is it cytonnaires who’ll be haraing soon?


Princess Genesis ni @coldpilsner

Let’s keep our eyes and ears open

Let’s hope it’s not another Nakumatt, where we’re assured everything is alright, only for the opposite to happen.
Alafu before posting this article, I searched for cytonn related threads and found quite a few. One of them was this one that you posted on Nov 1st 2016. You seemed to have doubts about Cytonn, going as far as saying wao ni moto wa kuotea mbali. Your recent post however shows a somewhat pro-cytonn attitude. What happened that convinced you they were legit?

Cytonn, things are thick. Ask yourself why they are in a hurry to conduct an IPO ?..the directors want out & are looking for “silly middle” class people to buy into the project.

Also the case with Britam is dragging on(Britam can afford the delays but Cytonn cannot) and they need cash injections.

CATIC aka Avic Shantui, some of its directors were deported for being in Kenya illegally & having fake work permits(was a tied to a breach at K.R.A- story was run sometimes last year in the media)

Basically treat Cytonn with utmost caution.

I lie travels halfway around the world before the truth can put on it’s chupi.

That said, you can’t trust what these corporations say in press releases. Orange walideny wanaexit market(for over 2 years) mpaka siku ya mwisho wakatoka tu. Always have someone huko ndani akupatiange updates. Pesa ni zako!

My question to Cytonn is this - Why reply? Safaricom doesn’t stoop to levels where they reply to bloggers’ hogwash! An investor reading this reply will have their alarm bells going off if they hadn’t already!