Okiya Bring Your Ass Over Here

Mtu aseme “Gay” nimpate.

OK, @Okiya last week ulipeana a sure bet with odds 7.5, how about you come up with one such game every week, tukiwin tunakutumia kitu kidogo. You can set up a pay bill number.


Kwa betting esabu pia @Tommy Lee Sparta

I second that…

@Bingwa Scrotum I have got the whole day, we can do this over and over.


Izo sure bets mimi hupewa but not daily. Once I get il share

i concur

@Bingwa Scrotum I see you reported me.

thats a conflict of interest …you shouldnt be allowed to handle complaints against yourself

I haven’t touched it, just saw it.


There’s something g** about the title of this thread.


Wacha wasiwasi @Mundu Mulosi Unawekelea tu zikienda unazipungia mkono. How high can you go in terms of risk?

Leo nimewin 1,500/= kwa ile game ya Kumamoto ya Japan.

you should all join prediction kings ask Tommy Lee Sparta for the link and @Okiya we welcome you there utakuwa of great help


Wapi link ya prediction kings!?

Tommy lee alifunga alisema group imefika threshold