Ok ferras, the KALI awards are in; the best launcher

So Iam.currently using smart launcher but over the past week I tried out Nova and.CM launcher.

  1. Nova: a template of a launcher that allows you to do some.DIY like designing icons and naming them blah blah. Sounds great huh! Unless you are a failed coder why complete a guy’s job for them. Its feels like the guy who went to a hiphop concert and when the artist hyoed them to complete the lyrics he wondered “I pay to watch you sing then you expect me to sing” Nova is not free your bundles aint. The layout is just blunt and the selling point is the “customisable” buzzword.

  2. CM: it boasts of being 3D (I mean, wow!) but the only 3d you gerring nigga is the acrive graphic of a 360 degree spin when you swipe. It is blunt, resembling the original android launcher save for the user graphics. Organization of apps is not great, it is easy to know someone can hide apps (such things you dont put in the settings its the first place dem bitches check, duh!)

3.Smart: say it again Smart. The organization of the apps is so neat I feel neat all over. You can add drawers. You can hide stuff. ( tihihihiiii) Telegram. Hidden. Bank app. Hidden. I have two whatapps gb hidden foe the nudes and hook ups, uc browser. Hidden. I can confidently have chicca spend days with my phone (with the safcom line on pekee) na niko safe and secured, verifiabke, accountable etc. I can tweek the apps like personalize the icons etc. Lets just say Smart is neat and organized.
@Deorro mcNova over to you

Oh, KALI stands for Koolibah Apps and Launcher Institute


What can’t you use the phone for just making calls and texting and vice versa instead of stressing yourself with all these things?That’s how people spoil their phones and waste money buying phones every other day because of new softwares.

Stick to your lane. @snapdragon kuja saidia huyu

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:DLane gani?

nova laucher any day…

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Ya kutumia simu kujitetea “bebz niko kwa jam aki ata bonga na donda uconfirm” kwa phone pekee

MIUI mashida kama hizi hatuna



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Then we should all just stick to mulika mwizi …or time travel back to the era where technology was alien.:slight_smile:


That is hardware you are talking about.Which someone can change.But if the hardware design has not changed.Why should someone change the phone because of the software?

Nova launcher is the best launcher period. only Action Launcher 3 can come close
for icons use icon packs, don’t blame Nova juu ulishindwa kutumia, Nova only resizes them

Use these guides to customize Nova

  1. https://www.androidcentral.com/nova-settings-guide
  2. http://www.androidauthority.com/become-nova-launcher-power-user-729290/
  3. http://www.xiaomitoday.com/nova-launcher-tips/

stick to your kabambe

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Jamaa wa mediatek wacha kusumbua birrioneas


in your opinion, the hardware design of a Note 8 is same as that of Nokia N9 or even Nokia 3310?

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Remove the period or buy shares in KALI to allow you make such decisions KCr may be considered or title ya Village President

Will reupload and try them out. But one thing I noticed all reviewers, Smart is neat and is a smart organizer

Samsung Note 8 and Nokia N9 have the latest design compared to nokia 3310.Na sitambui Nokia mimi.

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Kwani launcher ni chakula?Mtu atumia launcher ile default ilikuja na simu na maisha inaendelea.