Oil Rich Countries Should Start Thinking Of Other Revenue Sources As 2020 Proves That The Future Is Electric

Venezuela is a perfect example of what happens when a country is wholly dependent on a single revenue stream. In the late 1990s Venezuela was a Paradise but then it turned into a Hellhole after the collapse of Oil prices in the new century.

The first to go will be Diesel vehicles which will be dumped from Europe to third World countries, so our scandal riddled Oil Wells in Turkana will eventually be White Elephants.

Saa hii ni time ya kutafuta Rare Earth Metals Deposits, those are the future.Rechargeable batteries are the FUTURE. Battery life Vs battery weight is the ongoing battle today, trying to store more charge in a light weight battery without causing a fire (Overheating)


The other option is trying to breakdown water into Hydrogen and Oxygen in an economically viable way, that will be the eventual end of Petroleum.


Kweli kwanza hiyo ya Fuel cell, that will be a game changer. Saw a Japanese Documentary on NHK of how limitless this energy source is. Imagine 5 liters of water will ran your car for 5000Km and there is minimal risk of explosions or fires and zero fumes.

What energy source did the Pyramid makers use to ferry thousands of 30 tonnes blocks from Sudan to Egypt? Levitation using sonar?

I was actually thinking about this. By the time Africa gets its shit together, the world will have no use of our oil, lithium, cobalt and other high value minerals.

Africa will thus continue being poor since we have chosen to plunder rather than use the resources we have today to propel us to the next level of development.

Before 2025 majority of towns will have charge stations just like we have petrol stations, so Ktalk birrionares nunua plot kwa busy highways, this will be the new cash cow as cheap Chinese electric vehicles flood Africa watu watakuwa wanasimikiwa kwa highway:D.

I think the best cars at first will be hybrids with small petrol engine to recharge its own batteries such as Toyota Prius or Honda Insight, then gradually as battery technology improves this will be phased out and only pure electrics will be available

Oil is still going to be driver of economies for at least another decade or two. Shida ya Venezuela ni crippling economic sanctions. Only self sustaining and developed economies such as Iran can survive economic sanctions.
Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez nationalised their country’s oil and that is when all hell broke loose.

Cobalt free solid state batteries are also coming and will be a game changer for EVs

“What energy source did the Pyramid makers use to ferry thousands of 30 tonnes blocks from Sudan to Egypt? Levitation using sonar?”

They were probably a type two civilisation. Their sources of energy couldn’t have been fossils. Too advanced for us to comprehend

As Arabs we know all about oil… and really taking advice from you is an insult to both our individual and collective conscience

Somalia has oil?

Off shore in what will soon be The Republic of Jubbaland

Dream on …one Somalia is the only way.

why cant africa take over the electric car industry , we have cobal and iron ores , why not create our own electric auto-industry ? …i hope the current congo president is not the usual mzungu worshipping bonobo president who sells his country for ‘sweets and mirrors’… the future is electric… i hope uhuru is smart enough to push for congo to be in the EAC tukafunge…

Electric cars have been around since the late 1800s. It’s the Texas oil barons that steered the world towards gasoline for their own benefit. Elon Musk showed them the middle finger by using his massive resources and networks to force Tesla into the market. Once the Chinese decided to invest in electric vehicles, there was sufficient momentum to challenge petrol and diesel engines. But even with electric vehicles, oil-rich countries will still enjoy good profits for 30 to 50 years. Increased demand for electricity will mean some countries will need to invest in diesel turbines to generate it. Even coal with all its negative attributes is still getting mined. Demand for oil will reduce but not that sharply.


Leta hiyo documentary

Nigeria and South Sudan will really suffer in africa. Europe and the rest of the world plan to totally get rid of oil dependency, hence the push for electric, solar, wind technology and nuclear fusion. By 2035 they won’t have fuel/gas driven cars.
The emir of Dubai saw this coming, used their oil revenues to hire the best engineers, planners, architects to build mega infrastructure and sell Dubai as a World business hub. Right now 70-80% of their revenue is trade related.
Saudi Arabia is hugely oil dependant but the Crown Prince,MBS, (schooled in the US, hence his closeness with Drumpf) is slowly but with great resistance trying to ease the islamic laws to enable them change as well.

Hongera…sasa ongea kuhusu your motherland…unasaidia aje kenya?

Bro hatujazoena hivyo. These petty questions and fights pelekea akina Uwesmake and the ilk, muanze mudslinging. I made my point na nikatoka.

It is the dependence on oil that killed the country. Chavez nationalized oil and he also made a couple of blunders. He turned the whole country completely dependent on oil. All industries in the country were effectively killed. By the time of his death, they were importing all their staple food. Can you imagine importing all the maize, wheat, milk, veges…The resultant unemployment was kept in check as those without jobs now received aid from the government. Now when the price of oil started to collapse, so did the country.

The US had a huge hand in it. If Uncle Sam decides to cripple you, utaimba. Their only option was to sell their oil to the Russians. Not too sure though

European countries will have phased out ICEs by 2025, thats given.

Una feelings kama za mwanamke. What wrong quote did I say just by asking what you have in mind for your motherland?Kwani unanyesha? Wacha umama …nothing serious online:D:D:D