Oil Is Cheaper In Landlocked African Countries. Tafakari

Petroleum products are cheaper in Ethiopia than in Kenya, same case with Uganda.

Imported Mexican, South African or Brazilian maize is cheaper than maize from Eldoret.

Imported MDF from China is cheaper than locally manufactured.

labda hakuna demand. you know demand will drive price higher

Landlocked countries are just trying to avoid magendo or unscrupulous traders. Their govts have no choice but to lower prices otherwise neighboring countries will screw them proper through smuggling and black market.

A country with a port can afford to be arrogant and tax the citizenry importers proper.

Also landlocked economies are often poorer due to transport logistics. Their economies are often slow hence lower prices,low demand, weaker currencies, higher inflation etcetera.

sounds interesting but I do not understand how this has to do with the topic

The topic is retarded. Economics!
Like @AchanaNaMimi amesema.



Tax on petroleum products is high.
Kenyans grow food on subsistence farms. Cannot compete with commercially grown maize prices.

Acha kinaya, Kenya’s petroleum taxes are on the roof, nothing else is different. Demand for petrol is consistent among peer states, we are not any different from the above states.

lakini swissland ni landlocked but very rich

To quote @Ndindu (that is some time ago before he became afroconscious and all) he said that Africans are bonobos who are not completely mentally evolved.

But you will also notice that Switzerland uses tricks to survive e.g tax free and low tax banking to attract investors and bank customers. They also offer secretive banking facilities and the ability to move huge chunks of money fast and effortlessly.

Switzerland caters to her wealthy neighbours by being a tax haven, being a holiday resort and manufacturing and selling luxury merchandise e.g watches again to her wealthy neighbours.

They have made themselves a useful abd attractive economy. They have exploited their strengths despite being landlocked.

Swiss si ndio birrionea kama @ChifuMbitika huficha pesa yao? They make enough money hiding loot.

First time I’m hearing of a country called Swissland, but I get what you mean.

Generally, in production, there is something called economies of scale i.e. the more of good your are producing, the more the cost savings which benefits the consumer. Chinese manufacturing is so large so they can offer rock-bottom prices for goods. Secondly, their govt also subsidizes some of the production inputs such as power, water etc - in short, in manufacturing, nobody can beat the Chinese. For us, we must therefore avoid being their slaves through loans such as the SGR one and protecting our intellectual property (they are experts at stealing and using it as theirs). ni hayo tu

There is nothing stopping Ethiopia from applying the same taxes on fuel like Kenya is doing.
Its all about how the population will take the increment. Kenyans are by default a peaceful but poor nation. That means that nobody wants to die protesting sijui fuel ime increase price. If you try such stunts in Ethiopia utapata a regional politician exploiting the situation and actually even trying to overthrow the govt.

Also in Kenya due to trillions of debts we have borrowed its obvious that the govt will tax everything taxable. Fuel and basically any goods imported is a low hanging fruit for taxation purposes

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This is a lie. Kenya cant compete because other countries offer subsidies

Tanzania offer subsidies? What about Uganda?

Tanzania and Uganda have the same type of farms as us

hatukuona ujinga hii wakati wa Moi. tafakari hayo