Oil burnout in a Car

Saidieni hapa na maarifa. I normally do the 10,000km synthetic oil service. I noticed that i have to add at least 1ltr of oil after say 3,000 kms though no external leaks… Is this normal? car looses power kwa milima pia.

worn gasket ?

check Head gasket

Piston rings may be worn out.
Enlarged piston bores.
Leaking gaskets or seals.
Verdict, use heavier oils, but keep in mind you need an engine overhaul. You may opt for another engine depending on which is cheaper.

Thanks guys.

Is synthetic oil good for a heavy 4x4 engine? 4,000cc petrol

did you mean…Gasket, check your head

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Worn Head gaskets leads to coolant mixing with oil.
Power lose means your car is losing compression.


Sande sana.

Was wondering coolant ime-disappear wapi. Had to top-up, not a lot though.

Check if your oil has water, whenever you go for oil change.

Car is burning oil. Oil sipping to the combustion chamber. Piston rings going out slowly.Usually when am buying a used car huwa naenda hapo kwa exhaust pipe napitisha kidole. If it comes clean without black soot najua engine iko ngangare. Kidole ikitoka na soot ya nyungu nakagua ndai zaidi.

Check oil cooler gaskets. They may be worn and letting oil through

Can you state the model and year of your vehicle. I can check for you. It is normal to burn oil every 1L/ 1000km for Toyotas, Audis, Subarus…Those are manufacturer specifications btw. Otherwise check your valve cover gasket. If you see oil (in places like below) , it may mean you need to change it. Otherwise you have a blown head. Pray for the former.


This is not an accurate method. A car running rich( bad injector) will give you the same symptoms.

Hi Simiyu, its a 2010 landcruiser 150. There is no spillage even in the inside like photo above.

Oil Control rings are kaput
Test this too; check if your vehicle smokes under load and/or heavy acceleration…if so then valve stem seals are kaput.

Ni gari Aina gani kwanza? Kama ni subaru outback then, some of those the 2013 model iko na shida ya kukunywa oil…

Like he said engine overhaul chap chap kaa si Ivo gari haitaenda sana kabla I ‘knock’