Oh boy.... What a loss!!

Oh Boy! This man made these cups for Dec Zanu PF congress where Grace Mugabe was going to be elected President.

siet happens!

Grace should do the decent thing and pay for the cups; she has the money.

Counting the chicks before

Oops, in business, sometimes you gotta take the hit! I feel sorry for this entrepreneur, but this one is quite funny!

Ni kama Manchester United kupigwa na Sabana FC (No offense @Eng’iti ) alafu ulibetia Man U. :D:D:D

I’ve never understood how one be a doctor or learned and still be primitive or ignorant to deal with . Not suggesting this is the case with this lady but generally speaking .
It defeats the purpose of going to school .

Hapana dharau team kubwa!
It is Shabana!
Ritoke wewe!

that’s a few trillion down the drain[ATTACH=full]141198[/ATTACH]

hii pesa alishalipwa aache upusss

Si watumie Scientific notation 5×10^20

Hiyo ni kama bet kunywa maji

Better than msee ako na tattoo ya X wake

biz huwa hivyo.

but the zims should take cue from turkey and do what they did with their currency.
they removed the zero’s over a 3 year period so that the currency doesn’t have such an inordinate amount of numbers.

“In late December 2003, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey passed a law that allowed for the removal of six zeroes from the currency, and the creation of the new lira. It was introduced on 1 January 2005, replacing the previous lira (which remained valid in circulation until the end of 2005) at a rate of 1 new lira = 1,000,000 old lira.”

Though i read it kwa Times kitambo sana.

Trust me fifty years down the line, those mugs together with the story behind them will be collectors items.

Hii ndio kitunguu kushuraa :eek::eek::eek:

i think ni zile honorary doctorate kama zile Moi alikuwa anapewa

Si hata Welder ni DR…

Hii yake sio ya medicine…ni phd alifanya within 3 months…a world record

It’s an issue ailing many a people in Africa. Our education background tends to be inversely proportional to our output primarily due to having a higher than normal level of selfishness.