OG vs Erick Omondi

Katika pilka pilka zangu pale mukuru kwa zukabaga, nimepatana na hii [MEDIA=facebook]id=1820964441250456;type=video[/MEDIA] video diss, 50 seconds of pure madness from OG. I didn’t know there was even a beef going on in the first place till i saw it.
Weird beef considering this 2 are not direct competitors

Fav lines…

Me ni sponsor wa sponsor anakusponsor.
Nona at least ma sugga mami wakupende

Ningekua Erick ningereply hii line na “Skinny nigga but my dick long”

too bad he aint a rapper to figure that out.
Heard it was a beef to promote that new app Olla

They beefing to promote an app?? Publicity stunt?

If nairobi wire is anything to go by

Shabbba Ranks!

Pia A$ap Rocky kwa ile ngoma ya “Fuckin Problem”

Iyo sasa

Every time I see eric omondi I want to throw that boy a sandwich !

He should be made a UN honorary Ambassador in charge of refugees