Official World Cup 2018 Opening Thread

It’s finally here! The biggest sporting event of all.

Who will you be rooting for?

Take the poll.

Who will win the golden boot?

Who will win the golden ball?

Who will win the golden gloves?

Who will win the best young player award?

Which African team will go furthest?

Let’s debate and let the games begin!

Official Ktalk Fantasy World Cup League

League code is - YCS2GV4M

Thank you…Atleast i will have something to keep me entertained for one month.
Am rooting for France to win the cup


Rooting for France.

Golden Boot - Messi

Golden Ball - Messi

Golden Glove - Lloris / Neuer

Best Young Player - Mbappe

African Team to go furthest - Senegal

Team Pharaohs all the way.

Spain sacked there coach just few days to their first match so atleast si African teams huwa na wrangles za ufala.
Anyway think Brazil have a very good chance this time but also France can do it as well.


France all the way
Golden boot- greizman
Best young player- mbappe

Mimi Niko na hooligans from MOSKAO


I don’t know why my hunch is telling me the South Americans will be victorious.

maybe Brazil…Argentina siwaamini

Mohammed Salah


team samba all the way… pundits mark this.

MWNWWC,(messi will never win world cup)

tuende step by step opener wih two racist countries opening niko nyuma ya Russia


I am rooting for Nigeria

No chance

Actually they are really racist