Official statement on

Following the developments of yesterday (See: and ) I’d like to issue this statement in response to issue raised by certain villagers - in particular @msalame grace and @uwesmake (see quotes below), and in addition to others who have inboxed me with various concerns

  1. Kenyagen is purely a social platform for kenyans to connect and interact online. We are not in it for business and we do not anticipate to host ads any time in the foreseeable future
  2. We are not affiliated to any third party and we are therefore not answerable to anyone but the members of the kijiji. As such what is acceptable/forbidden is dictated only by the villagers
  3. We try to be as open and free a community as possible but of course not everything goes. If a particular listing is in bad taste e.g. containing gory and disturbing pictures, or containing personal insults and of no benefit to the community, it will be taken down

We will be undertaking further measures to ensure your convenience like enabling blocking of a lister (i.e. their listings and or comments will be hidden to you) if you feel a particular lister is constantly posting annoying content - this is still in the works though.
We’ll update you further in due course…

I see what you’re trying to do:D:D

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Boss sitahamia huko


I’ve tried to register severally, but the code sent to my email account for confirmation its not working. It has an error

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We are moving en masse bye bye kenyapork ama niaje @uwesmake?

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@Village elder Wacha kiherehere, that site must be half complete, I registered but I can’t log in, I thought I had forgotten my password, but even the forgot password link is not working. I left frustrated and walked away… And that is today.

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SWAFI @Wakanyama WE GO

Honestly i tried moving nikashindwa…admin amenikalia chapati.


Thanks, peleka hizo irritating ALL CAPS huko… You won’t be missed I assure you.

Woi woi woi woi @uwesmake si uhame I’m ready to pay any amount for you to leave this place.

Just leave and make my dreams come true of a uwesmake free site I really detest you hama pliz.

@Village elder, your efforts are misguided. I assume you were a lister and you know how hard it is to leave something once admin kalias your chapo.

Again, old manki and co. beat you to the scavenging game after the loss of klost. Wacha kua copycat. Try something else but not a ktalk/klost kinda thing. Something like an emagazine or ecomics. Or try to poach from mharo coz hapa tumerogwo, hatuwes toka unless nature pulls a wanderi on ktalk.

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Kenyagen is lacking in activity. Ktalk came to be when Klost disappeared. Post original threads there and slowly gain members

Aviator & co. you are making a wrong assumption that I’m here to scavenge for (whatever it is you call scavenging game)
I was just responding to issues that were addressed to me personally and I dint want to respond to each and every thread / message.
Anyway the message has been passed. It don’t matter kama watu watahama ama hawatahama. And in any case its not like you are required to denounce your membership to ktalk before you are admitted there

Pia Mimi nataka Kuhama nifuate hii matako inaitwa @uwesmake …Huku niwapi tunahamia tho…???


I said it before, leo amejitokezelea … gaychiethalert

hii ni kama ku-advertise KTN kwa NTV:):):slight_smile:

@kush yule mnono …niii nininiii niiii niii…am i stammering or what??? Fffffff…fffuuu…fuck, fff…ffuck you…

@uwesmake,TUKUTANE HUKO,

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