Wadau how will this affect traveling to EU members from the UK. What will be the effect on Kenya’s exports of fruit, vegetable and flowers?

Fuckers thought they were shit kumbe they were boxing themselves into a corner

Another confused bonobo who gives two shits about the fate of white men who brutally colonised his countrymen.

Why do you care?

Why should you care???

and the way I anticipated to visit Sussex in Feb 2021!


Ahhh says a Mr.Trump anointer.

Differentiate your white men. Which one colonised your grandpa and which one gave you that visa or greencard which you currently enjoy.

And yet you are here throat deep in tRumps arse 24/7…who bewitched you??

Ah the lesser of the evils?

Soma hio reply nimepea Simiyu kwa makini na uelewe. Learn to differentiate these white men they are not all the same.

One colonised you another gave air lifts to Kenyan students. Same time same year.

One gives you food aid while another provides you the AK47s to destroy your continent.

You live in the U.S why did you choose the U.S?

Niko mtaa.

Go wipe your stinking hairy ass. Uwache kunukisha kijiji mharo. Shoga matako bila breki.[ATTACH=full]342026[/ATTACH]


Ni nini matusi na hujatajwa na mtu? Unachiziiii nini???[/SIZE]

Na vile huwa unaongea ni kama uko Texas? :D:D

To each his own I guess.

Shoga leta hio tender ya kusupply diapers.

@T.Vercetti another idiot who doesn’t even know that trumps grandparents enslaved his ancestors. Poor sod. Sometimes I feel pity for him

You need to stop urinating on threads with this reckless abandon. I was very eager to get a few insights into what the OP had raised na sasa umeharibu thread. We need to chase your weird ass from this forum.

Admin wacha kusumbua na hizi handle zako za juzi juzi sijui gosh , jim jones. Cheza chini buda boss!

Hata poyoloko najua ni yako.

The other one took over after colonisation