Wale watu this your area of specialization what do you like about it? Some of the most interesting relationships Ive observed ni hizi za ofisi. When I was a ngal, I was averse to zero grazing coz for some reason I was only fascinated to men who I had absolutely nothing in common with. So the idea of mtu utaspend 8hrs a day in the same environment with was very off putting.

My observation of these flings,was this way, this people unconsciously are attracted to each other but it usually takes an office out of town trip or office party to realize it. After kujuana,they can’t get enuff of each other. They both sneek out separately but at the same time. After awhile it turns into love hate relationship replete with nil by mouth and passionate makeups. Eventually it fizzles out and that is where you can see how hard it is to work with an exe especially one you must deal with daily. People, don’t shit wea you eat. Keep your personal life and worklife as far apart as humanly possible.Ive never understood people who marry their workmates. I once worked with a couple who the woman trapped the guy with twins boys and he had to marry her. He’d lie he’s on worktrip to go to his MWK immediately he gets bursted. Anyway even if its a good match, I cringe at the excessive proximity and long hours spent together on the grind! You leave home to go to the same workplace? Na sio bizna yenu? Hapana bana!

makena ulifungwa mdomo ama.ulikuwa na panganga sana.ama ulijua haujui:)

Let me tell u for a fact. My wife was my workmate and we get along very well, it’s now 7 year down the line and can tell u when looking at you straight in the eyes, those relationships work and if ever I would go back 7years ago, I would still marry her and I would pick her still as the love of my life. Get your facts right.

Rowing on thr same boat:):):slight_smile:

It startles me that you can use proximity and lacklusturic words like “exe” and “we” have in the same sentence. Diction is paramount at this time and age.

I’ve fucked all the females I’ve ever worked with , trust me it feels soooooo good

you mean alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll?ataa mdosi wako?

hata wife ya mdosi

:Dwe ni moto kadinya walai

Infatuation, it never work no matter how long it takes !

You want to tell a grown man that he doesn’t know what he feels for his WIFE?
wacha wivu

So unajaribu kusema sisi watu wa mjengo tu sidinye wale wamama hutuchotea maji na kutipikia chapo madondo? :confused::confused::mad::mad:

By the way sisi hucategorize slice donators kama chuma … kuna D10… Y8, Y10, Y12… na kadhalika :p:p

Sorry to offend your sensibilities Capote.I could use an English teacher. My grammar admittedly has deteriorated dramatically!

Receptionist wa sabina joy detected

Mjei ni special circumstances! Everything goes, yolo coz,you never know when you accidentally drop off the building or it collapses on you. Hii nomenclature ni gani? Y12 ndio wagani? Mama uji?

Ngai? Unafanya wapi? Kwa Bar?

office issues are never taken home ! In Chinese they say "nyeki ya nja ndirikaga " in other language chukua slices zako as mama shaitan used to say !


Naskia ume wahi fanya job na bibi ya @Raheem8

R not D