Off-road beetle

To all you wankers, take a break and watch something different.

I love this, can you get comprehensive insurance for such a modified car in kenya, I have a vw I’d like to modd…

Can you even obtain legitimate comprehensive insurance for unmodified beetle?

I wouldn’t know but with a good insurance company everything is possible. Only road block would be our vehicle regulatory institutions but if they can give a go ahead to those funny looking unsafe fabrications we call buses and matatus, they can sure OK your modification.
These days hata taxi inapata insurance cover and they repair your car ikigongwa.

I wonder too,I’m hoping they can, I’m in the process of getting an engine for the ka bettle, stabilizer, cross member and side mirrors for a start…

Our insuarance companies are just lazy, I see them banning certain cars because of one reason or another and I find it silly. They just need to do their homework and price the premiums right for the particular risk.

You will only be able to get third party based on the age of your insect.

Vile imesemwa hpa juu, third party ndo utapata

You can spend millions in modifications and even with a valid mechanical report from a reputable valuer like AA or REGENT as long as the year of manufacturer is more than 15yrs you’re fucked if it’s stolen or becomes written off

Kumbe the drive train is still 2wd!! off-road my ass