OFF FEMINIST MOTHERS... someone stop Amber Rose!!!!!


I lack words. :frowning:

Khalifa aende achukue mtoto wake before akuwe homosexual .

Tf!! This bitch has no limits… She’s nuts!

Twisted shit

Haya. Kuna picha za makei na mkwaju?

then she is surprised nobody wants to wife her… Headache though Huyu…

I hope Wiz can use this against her and have full custody. This is bat shit crazy

Umbwa yeye!

Feminazi watamaliza madem


mhenga @Father Figure hakutuvisha kilemba cha ukoka aliponena ya kuwa…

Did you have to bring sheppart in this?

I must admit I don’t get the head or tail on this issue. Who is this Amber Rose? Which company does she own, anatoka wapi? kama ni socialite, I think I have seen more beautiful ones including our own sindika. let me just sip my poison silently.

mkamba , SINDIKA ni nini

men gave women power. or is it empowerment? now men have no use in a womans life. like those cendoro people. in cendoro everywhere be it america, kenya etc. Then you are left with nothing other than to attack children and animals. continue being fair good empowering men.

@GeorginaMatina hebu kuja hapa.

When you have betas like Trudeau leading wealthy nations, that’s what you can expect to happen. They empower such whores because they encourage other women to embrace consumerism.

You know what, that’s not what or how it eventually works out.
How many sons and daughters of influential people do you know or have heard of that later on in life hate their parents and rebel against a certain ethic they were subjected to while growing up but which they later disliked after maturing?
That boy may later on grow to hate her mother and all feminazis with a passion for being exposed to so many vaginas at such a tender age and instead of having respect for women end up as the biggest abuser.

Masculinity being treated as nature’s mistake. Ha!

later on she’s gonna be suckin her son’s dick na aambiwe watu it’s normal

@GeorginaMakena kuja hapa utueleze kinaga ubaga

That boy might dry fry his mother while she is asleep one day thinking it’s normal