Of the Voting Robots - "webe ni ure ure" skunks

I hear talks of “Kumira Kumira,” supposedly a rallying call for the Chupilidiots to come out in large numbers to make give credence to an illegal process on 26th October 2017. The government, with the two murderous demagogues, have also tried to stifle the judiciary by declaring illegal public holidays and to an extent of going as far as murdering the DCJ’s driver. An act considered by any forward thinking citizen as a veiled threat to the liberal SCORK judges the likes of Smokin, Leanola, Maraga and Mwilu. Back to the topic, I wonder how these jubilee supporters (read cendro mofos aka “webe ni ure ure” skunks) reason with their low IQs. In the name of protecting “Uthamaki” can’t the learned amongst you see that you are being used voting robots by the corrupt elitist cartels who neither care about your well being or the country’s democratic space and progress? Why should you be used as pawns to legitimise an illegal process that even the international community sneers, and have been confirmed by IEBC’s chairman as something that won’t be true and fair?

CHANUKENI MY BROTHERS from Cendro, Reject being used as pawns in a process that only benefits the Mafias and the Cartels. Say NO to an illegitimate process. Demand for a process that unites Kenyans and that way, we will all move forward as one country.

Wacha ukutwe. Tulia hapo hapo

Unaweza rudia swali tena?

How do you expect them to act when a prominent NASA principal promised to lay them low once he takes over power?

Call them all manner of names… But the fact is… Wait; First of,What other option do we have? Vote your tin god, lord of poverty, blood baying creature whom everything must work his way and anything less leads to property destruction and killings which highly are being perpetrated by their goons??

Election and Erection there after Lazima…aint a Kiuk and I’m pro Uhuru all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaayy… There’s nothing good that burger called Raila has ever done for this country and if there is his selfishness and I’ll heart overrides it…

RWNEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEVER be PORK…

laughs in kumira

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Wajir: their governor is NASA and he’s said watu lazima wavote…Hao nao utasema nini??

Tumechoka na siasa. My biz has taken a big hit though am still staying afloat due to the nature if my biz lakini singo matha clande ameanza kuzusha ati pocket money imepungua.

:D:D at pawns

Na ndo sababu kila mtu anataka hii story iishe after Kesho tuanze kuongea ya Christmas na new consignments Za Better 2018…

Hehehehehehehehe now toa ‘jubilee’ and put ‘Nasa’ in the same rant… Any difference? No! Coz this is exactly the same game plan wit Nasa… Beaten at their own game… Now tungoje nullification later n see who got the upper hand… Hahahaha politics a dirty game…

Wueeh…feelings have been caught:D:D Anyhu, wembe ni ure ure. Or better still, GINIWASEKAO!!

All the hoi polloi are voting robots. Your kin are not an exception.

Buddy, if you pulled your head out of your rectum & remove the tinfoil from your head you would realize that those guys are better than the Luo crack-heads & slaves who are primitively throwing stones and beating up electoral officials…way better than the Luo slaves who are displaying such stone-age behaviour & in brazen violation of the constitution just because a power-hungry madman has said so!!..Get the speck out of your eye before advising others!..Liberate yourself, my friend!!



Watching cRoseRy (replace Rs with Ls)

Kindly explain in a language I can understand. My ultra low IQ is preventing me from making sense of your post.

nita vote, na sina apology to anyone


Kumira kumira ta mugagaca