Of the Red&Blue

I’m sure plenty of you smartasses whose browser history surpasses bangerbros and porn hub horizons; are aware of the existence of the red pill blue pill philosophy.

But for those unaware, upon a time this shrewd lad Mr Joel Silver grew aware of a world beneath the ignorant conspicuously celebrated self importance fueled world we call reality.

He put his mind to task it sprout forth the brilliant idea to guise his apparent disgust and created an entire pharmaceutical plant churning out the blue & red.

He came up with the tale of a young coder who incidentally stumbles into a secret world, a world that is post war between the humans and the machines.

Unfortunately the machines had won and in attempt to quel rebellion had resorted to heartlessly installing mankind into a coma like state. Mankind was alive but just, their minds had been wrestled from their own grip and ~for visual purposes~ their bodies were suspended in an incubator but their minds were in another world.

A world similar to the one we are accustomed to presently, and in effect it was a super max prison.
So in this Matrix tale the protagonist Keanu Reeves. {unbelievably cool guy, funds multiple children homes} ‘Will Smith had been offered the role and he declined citing immaturity levels’ stumbles into this world and to his surprise finds out his voyage isn’t precisely maiden to this truth.

He encounters an intelligent bunch of Mavericks who have been waging war against this cruel brand of colonialism, and he finds this dapper gentleman by the name Mopheus {Lawrence Fishburn} I’m certain you’ve seen the memes of the of the black as soot shades wearing, leather coat draped “what if I told you” asking fellow.

So in this historic scene, Mopheus holds out both his palms in front of him at the protagonist {Neo} .
In his right palm is a red pill and in the left a blue one .

He bids Neo to choose one and goes ahead and explains that should he swallow the blue, he will forget the entire encounter and wake up the next morning to the world which for so long he considered reality.

But should he favor the red, the dream shatters completely and he will be shown how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Currently the red pill is used to deconstruct society’s machiavellian woven lies regarding a woman’s true nature, it is meant to give him a fighting chance in a world that insists on playing with a hidden hand.

Consider the red the lighted pyre that Prometheus suffered so cruelly for, it illuminates the field for man.

I’m not going to details about the blue pill, but if you find this post insulting you’re on your way to od on blue pills.

I’ve realised that all who partake in the red often possess a holy curiosity or far often than not are spurn from a cursed relationship and seek shelter in its hallowed halls.

Nonetheless, I bid you ladies and gentlemen to use the red pill not only to defend yourselves against and assault viciously Feminazi propaganda but also in politics, religion, education, entertainment, sport and all that pertains interaction.

If you truly understand red pill then you understand collective responsibility, so do your part to make the world a little more rational and not obscured by the bottomless irrationality pit.

Thank you.

miserable thread

Very long thread

I am alegic to long read

You have a brilliant IQ.

pills tena? i thought life…as man…you do what your deek sorry,brain tells you:D:D:D.why be governed by reality in “what if” scenarios while you are the captain of your ship?

Laughable intellect levels

Thought so as well

You don’t like novels do you?

No i have fobia for long text

Thank you

Shouldn’t it depend on the content?

I killed my pet cow after reading this chieth

My condolences, I’m certain you two were beyond close