Of Teeth

One year almost over na hii kijana hajaota hata jino moja. …its worrying me.
Iko solution?

I don’t think there’s a cause for worry. Mine is 10 months na alitoa za chini at 7 months then za juu zishatokea halfway. Wa jirani alitoa za chini at 1 year na two months later za juu ziko bado. Lakini @Luther12 ndio anaweza fafanua hii maneno authoritatively

Check your family history (both sides) Variances often correlate with family histories

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Relax boss, there is a time to everything .

Kwani Wataka aanze kula mboco mapema aje?


unataka kupea githeri na upeleke college next year?


A neighbour’s kid had only two front teeth like a rabbit until he was ten years old. He now has a full mouth. Different pace.

Full mouth or mouthful?

Relax mblo. Mtoto ako sawa.

Semantics me friend.

Siamini mahindi ya hii season imepita hivo Kama hajataste… .na macadamia

:D:D:D:D:D Hata macadamia jameni?:eek:

Yangu ni one year na already Meno ni tatu

Bean told that my maybe my grandpa had the same issue… But by the time he passed on he still had most of his teeth intact.
Tangoja tu sasa


Relax. My girl took over 1 yr and when they chomokad akatoa meno zote za juu na chini at once. I was told the same happened to me when I was much younger.

Ten years si huyo ni mtoto wa class 4:eek::eek:

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Babies are supposed to have one tooth every month from 6 months onwards. Meaning at 1 year they should have 6 teeth, 2 upper and 4 lower. However, there’s a great deal of variation depending on different factors including genetics. Most babies adhere to expected schedule but some don’t. You should only be worried and see a paed if at 18 months he still hasn’t shown signs and if he also have issues walking.