Of 'Strong' women..punguzeni bangi.

Over and about, we may have come across those chics who think that they are too cool for this man or too independent to get hooked to that man. Next time you are describing yourself as Independent, ask yourself in whose jail you’ve been in. If you may, feel free to refer to our dear Kenya- she’s been independent for over 50 years but has a debt way much deeper than your vibrator shaped Pusey. And if men are dogs, you can guess what you are since you are an offspring. Singo mature women I’m attacking you on this one, and my attack is not only confined to you but also to those girls whose crappy imagination has reassured them that they will still be dildo-ing themselves to sleep at age 45 lying on a bed surrounded by cabinets of money they have earned ‘independently’.
Let me clarify that you may be single due to stuff out of your control, which is deeply understandable, lest I find myself getting insults stinkier* than the rectum of the dandora dump site. Hii ni ya wale wako single coz they think handling four bottles of Guinness or two glasses of the cheap shit most of you have been calling wine yet you clearly know nothing about vintage and glass stems; is an achievement. Na ni ya wale wanafikirianga paying your own rent is equal to having a dick. FYI, that’s what most men do and they don’t go around asking for a drum roll about it.
Independence or misinformation? No dildo can replace a man, just like no mboch or man-friend can replace the fatherly experience you may be denying your child while trying to justify your little defiance to nature. Being able to do barest minimum any human being should do to themselves at a certain age isn’t what being a strong woman is about. Look into the lives of some of the real strong women like Ngina Kenyatta, Ngilu et al and you will see that you deserve no applause for owning a car below 3000 cc and a two bedroomed apartment whose second bedroom is more deserted than the caves in Karura.
We will cheer you up for the far you’ve reached career wise. But I still stick to some advice someone gave me a year ago: " if you hear a woman saying she wants to be equal to a man, mwambie aandike initials za jina yake akikojoa".After that small step, she can now come to the negotiating table.
Meanwhile you should always know your place- I don’t say you should go lick a man’s dick every time he coughs; or use your sexuality for favors, like its a damn deformity. Just be a woman, that’s what most of us real men want. Simple, Ambitious, Respectful women. Kudos if you have managed to strike the balance- you are the real Queens, forget the slay queen bullshit that is heating the processors of instagram servers. You are the queen. If not yet, be one. Have a great night ahead.




This is going to be a long campaign for this bro.


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aaaah…that rant! SV nani amekukosea?


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Kuna mutu amehama na vitu zote Za Nyumba Ya boy child!!


A section of Kenyans have been angered by Gatundu South Member of Parliament (MP), Moses Kuria, after he alleged that he contributed Sh5 towards the National Super Alliance (NASA) campaign course, ahead of the repeat presidential election on October 17. Some hurled insults at the controversial legislator, while others called on the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and other relevant authorities to arrest him for hate speech.

Others indicated that NASA leader Raila Odinga is a wealthy man and the campaign course is just to support his bid for presidency.


@Slim_fit… The male @GeorginaMakena

Hii ni mrefu lakini nimesoma. Good read, and well written. Chukua like mzito na makofi ya kilo

@Slim_fit who hurt you? A singo matha or a single childless woman?


It is allowed to bash what you cannot afford or reach. It is in order!


Good read. Feminazi bullshit it’s what causing some shit. A certain counsellor kwa radio said after speaking with some successful single mums over 45, the women told him they are indeed lonely. They just doesn’t want to admit in public but they do desire to to have a man of their own.


I have a feminazi friend whom i have screwed for Years just Tatooed herself a Wolf just to show me how Hardy she is… Feminazi mwitu :slight_smile:


:D:D:D:D Too soon.

The only problem with “independent” women is that they keep reminding everyone about it as if we care. Other than that, I don’t see any problem with whatever they decide to do with their lives.

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Eee so the measure for equality between a man and a woman is the peeing method?


Ukikataliwa my friend tafuta mwingine