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Let me just leave this one here[ATTACH=full]7928[/ATTACH]

It may cost and arm and a leg to take kids there keeping it out of reach for most of the workers

I hear there is usually very high staff turnover @ safcom especially in the Sales, Procurement and Engeneering deparments.

what a horrible name for a school. couldn’t they have thought of a more creative name?



Sales guys are normally given unrealistic targets while others are busted for giving fictitious expenditures during fields trips.
Procurement guys mostly are thrown out coz of underhand dealings with the suppliers, while IT & Engineers its because of the nature of the work…Imagine being in the server room which is negative 3o degrees Celsius for upto 8 hours(shift)?

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its a marketing gimmick

This academy is along Thika-Mang’u road. Kumbe this is what it is meant to be? For Economic disadvantaged kids, it could be like ‘wings to fly’ kind of thing. I like the idea of ‘outside classroom’ activities. This is a talent academy. Anytime for my kids! The 8-4-4 system is f**ked up

they will be doing 8.4.4

Kuiba. Unaonanga mafundi wameenda kwa cube ya mtu na kuingoa kama bado ako hapo.

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SASA university itakua m-shwari ama??

Most likely it would be M-Kesho University instantly creating a war with the real MKU…

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hehe buda…bado uko around?

acha uwongo wewe, how can you stay in -30 degrees celsius room for 8 hours??


couldn’t you?:rolleyes:

Its not negative 30 degrees and not even near zero but the place is usually cold. Even the housing at every BTS station(booster) has a temperature regulation system for the radios. However, the real problem with the technical staff and engineers is too much work and no break. The systems have to be attended to 24/7, and they are everywhere in the country including some very remote places + there are contractors everywhere in the network systems across the country who have to be monitored 24/7. The switching centres are halls of huge labyrinth of wires and circuits needing constant maintainance and expansion. Expansion of network never stops, its a day and night thing. The other thing is that the systems keep going down now and then at one point or another.
And the pay isnt as huge as you might imagine.

-30 degrees Celsius kwani ni coldroom? The aim is to keep the equipment at a low cool temperature not to freeze them.