Of parents and hugging

I was brought up in a rather traditional setting where my dad had this special chair and no one else would sit on it because hey…hiyo ni ya mzee wa nyumba so you can imagine things like hugs were unheard of. I moved out, went abroad…still no goodbye hug at the airport. The first time i came back home, my parents were at the airport and i automatically hugged them. It was very awkward because my dad was stretching his hand to shake mine but i just went for a hug instead. He never said anything until a day later when he had his alcoholic drink. He came home and started narrating how proud he was that his daughter hugged him and how he’s proud of me. I asked him why he never hugged us before and he smiled and said “Unikoni tatiga ûhoro mûingî”…(Unicorn wacha maneno mingi).

Anyway, i know some of us might relate so when was the first time you guys got a hug from your parents and how did it come about. @FieldMarshal CouchP, how come your generation never hugged their kids?

My dad is in his late seventies and my mum 8 years younger. Let me say I have never had a hug from either of them.


unajua ulinitusi that i am slow as fuck?

Kama sasa ndio unagundua si you’ve proven her right? Enyewe maisha ya hacienda ndio inakufaa, ukaongeleshe farasi.


I always hug my mum whenever am home for the dad no but he loves and hugs my daughter every time he passes home to check on them.

Mimi sikumbuki hug kusema ukweli, but I know that they love me, I dunno how. Na si ati ni wazee.

The first and only hug I received from Mbuyu was when I was enroute to NBO and almost lost my life in a mugging incident and that was still awkward

I neither knew how to hug nor did I ever see it in my nuclear or extended family. I cant learn that comfortably now. The height makes it a nuisance also because you got to stoop like an idiot.

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wacha hate speech

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my mum; first time they dropped me at boarding school.
my dad; during my graduation.
however nowadays we always hug when we meet.

mum yes, dad never, those strong handshakes/claps are enough, i won’t hug my sons either

I have never hugged my parents or even my siblings, maybe a few female cousins. My family is conservative / traditional and i like it that way.

Next time when you have the courage hug them…

Parents?never and not dreaming to.

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I almost dumped a girl who I later on dumped for another reason. She had this thing of kissing the dad, holding hands with cousins. If that is modern I will invent a time machine to travel back to the stone age.


Dad always asked to us since were many gals …Noo muhiki wakwa? No Unyedete ?Nindemwendete (Who’s my bride ?Who loves me ,I love you )
If you said yes you swing on his arm and get a hug:) so from a tender age we were close , and hugs n a peck …to and from the boarding school.

Mum on the other hand no lovey dovey till wen we joined high school

I have never hugged them though i know they love me. Will one day hug my mum lakini dad handshakes are enough

I never hugged people till i joined campus. My female friends would prefer hugs. Wanaume a gotta is enough

Hiyo me pia hapan tambua has never happened