of NYS 800m ksh hacking and things...@highschooler

after posting this jana

“consulting company and get paid 40M for coming up with some 5 points strategy implementation it…better still you can get paid 180M like John Kiarie for branding,media buying and advertising NYS…I’m still trying to figure out why NYS should be having a ad budget that rivals most corporates that’s are in retail industry”

@highschooler mimi naskia hio system ya payment sijui IFMIS is token protected…as in you must have that token for you to log in and do transcations" sasa hii 800Million transaction ilifanywaje…could it really be hacking ama there was a disgruntled “villager” hapo aliuwa left out of the look akaona hizi ma millioni haziwezi mpita…akaamua alipuwe vitu

@highschooler did you have anything to do with this ehhhhhh “hacking”

link ndio hii hapa


to those lazy ones sho dont wanna read…" all the men seems so scared of the Guru hapo…ona vile wanamuangalia na ma side eye :D:D:D:D


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this statement though…

"However, she maintained that she wrote to the Criminal Investigations Department immediately – in order to nail the suspects.

She blamed “cartels” for going flat out to fight her."

I want in on this 826 Million shillings cartels…mimi hata waniwachie hiyo 26 M they keep the 800M…

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The amount is mind boggling, but government systems must be having a problem, a friend was contracted to provide parliament with pamphlets and other small documents such as cards for meetings nini nini, his payout was not much, kedo 350K, so he sent the first invoice it had a spelling mistake so he redid it and sent another one, shock on him his bank account was credited with 700K when it came to payment

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and…what happened after that??? did he keep the money…wacha suspense bwana

i hope being a morally upright kenyan alirudisha hiyo malipo ya ziada

pesa alikula, he was staying in a 10K per month house akalipia one year but with the rent sorted, malaya ndio walisherehekea the rest na pombe he never even invested in his business right now he is still chasing deals and using other peoples’ machines to do his printing , ukimkumbusha those days mnakosana


haha are you in utopia? anyway he never returned

Mimi kwanza hio deal ya ku supply powdered milk ndio nataka…ni kutuka tu Dubai one touch na ku import zile za rejects za China na Pap 32 million

Hiyo excess unarudisha roho safi. 350k is not worth messing your life over. The wheels of gov’t might turn slowly but they turn alright.

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Ngoja ile siku atapata demand note kutoka kwa A-G hehehe.

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yep but it depends on the type of person, right now he cant even look for contracts with parliament and he has some connections there with relatives working in the PSC, he has locked a pottentially lucrative path to ethical riches, anyway he was shortsighted and young, a 25 yr old with 700 K in his account believes the world is his for the taking

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Did parliament ask for a refund of the overpayment…if not he’s home and dry,…abadilishe tu jina ya kampuni arudi huko kutafuta deals zingine


hehehehe kurudisha uko na wazimu wewe.

so Mutahi was paid 38 milli to tell Nys to clean Kibera. damn why am i wasting time with polygons and nurbs in Maya na kuna pesa hapa nje

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Easy come, easy go. Unfortunately.

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i wonder why we have a 2 trillion budget.

serikali iko na siri kali…

mambo za pesa kupotea you cant make these stuff up…

hah mimi si hacker weeeeee

There’s lots of wastage, that’s why. Plus, most departments’ absorption capacity is too low, often below 50%.

Ati we were underpaid (38m), says mutahi ngunyi.I want to be a GOK consultant.