Of new year resolutions

We are now approaching the middle week of 2015 and I am sure most if not all of us had made resolutions for 2015 in one way or another and its time for a mid year review:

Personally I think I have achieved some and others I am in the process of achieving…

  1. Getting my self a bike and start riding - achieved
  2. Getting myself a marriageable woman - hmm I think I am getting there
  3. Payback my debts - hehe check on that one!
  4. Take a financial risk - achieved (Na msiulize ni gani)
  5. Progress upwards in my career - I think I am getting there as well.

So where are you guys in achieving your resolutions?


Settle a nagging court case - Done.
Get back my six pack - obliques zimeanza kuwa defined.
Learn to ride a cheki maneno - Nearly there. Nitaweka cheki maneno yangu soon.
Work less and spend time with family - Not quite
Get myself a sensible man niache kurukaruka ktalk - No positive signs.


Marriageable wife - Bike yako - You ride it as often as you can.
Financial risk - Bike yako ulinunua na loan.
Kulipa deni - Hujalipa deni ya loan ya bike yako.
Progress upwards - More like cycle forward kwa bike yako.

:smiley: All in jest.


My year started on a rough patch had no resolutions but i have managed the following:

  1. Cutting on drinking from daily to weekends only.
  2. Travelling and sight seeing and treating myself to life’s little pleasures

Well mine were quit drinking and make more money ,well am on the right track .


I had a very simple list;

[li]Reduce on my drinking - So far managed I have been drinking maybe once a month last year was doing three days a week Friday to Sunday[/li][li]Interact more with the immediate family - getting there we are all too distant due to commitments[/li][li]Move from simply jogging to enrolling in a gym - maybe I will need a gym partner since am not even close[/li][/ul]


Financial- not yet there but am on the way. Exercise- I amazed myself. Alcohol- Reduced from four five times a week to twice but I have been binge drinking as if am compensating for the other days.

mine was to eat more bacon. i think i am achieving that
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mine was lessening the drugs + women - it seems quite okay

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umejaribu @ol monk ?:D[ATTACH=full]7567[/ATTACH] ?
priss msinipige equator


haha “my gym partner is a monkey” remember that cartoon

  1. finish a book been writing forever…woi not even close
  2. be involved more in charity work…woi am getting there

Was the drug supply interrupted after the nabbing of the owner of silk road?

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Can I even remember my resolutions?

ahaha shhhhhh

1.Reconciling with my wife-Done.Planning to open a business of her choice soon.:smiley:
2.Loan repayment-Only one month remains.:slight_smile:
3.Debts-One more to go of less than 20k:mad:
4.Progress in my career-Got a pay rise(The figures are good) and company house.:smiley:
5.Side chicks-Am only left with my baby mama after flog marching the rest to where they came from.:stuck_out_tongue:
6.Reducing Kuchana-Yes i only do it on satos and kilaro on sundays.Nilikuwa nachana daily suruba tatu plus accessories.:wink:
So far so good.


Do you have a plan on how to find it? ama you are just waiting for it to hit you on the head?

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Side kick of my own life

Tafuta bibi uuache hizi mshida ndogo ndogo.:smiley:

I’ve greatly achieved my resolutions…

  1. No insults whatever the case…ACHIEVED
  2. Reduce the number of times i had a date with rosey palmer (jerk off) in a week…was doing it 4 times a day, so in a week ilikuwa 28…am now at 26 times a week and if i forget my goal kanaenda 27…GREATLY ACHIEVED…
    Wacha i remember the rest…am coming back at you