Of hymns:Come Christians join to sing

It is unfortunate that not many churches these days sing good old hymns…
I certainly miss the 4-part harmony…And when accompanied with instruments, make for an edifying and most enjoyable singing…



This is my favorite hymn


https://lovemeorloveme.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/img_9556.jpg good old days…back in koelel highschool


I see you still have your ‘Golden Bells’

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Ila soo wa Ngai wivuvwa na ivinda yathela,
ngiona kwakya kwa muthenya wuukite…

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There’s a song we used to sing in school, lyrics went something like:

Its ok, its ok, in the train its ok…
its ok my dear its ok
in the land of paradise, where there is no suprise
no sorrows no worries at all

'dear friends am leaving now,
and the train is waiting by,
to take me with my body over there

in the land of paradise,
where there is no suprise
no sorrows no worries at all.

Any idea where I can obtain a video, au hata mp3?


Memories. Used to be one of our favourites back in primary school in the eighties.
God have mercy on what passes for gospel nowadays.

Me hupitia hizo Hymns … Like those in Golden bells. My mum sings to each and every song in there


Wathi usu withaa wa kyeva kithei

Very fond memories. Went something like this:



Hehehe kumbe uliimba hiyo pia?
I remember my first meeting with that song as a ‘mono’ many years back!

Kwanza niliimba kwa ‘fujo’ sana. :slight_smile:


It helped to beat the homesickness as a mono:)

Contains all great traditional hymns. Downloaded it from the defunct kickass site


I ran into a similar collection in Nakumatt a couple of years back. A collection of 3 CDs…I couldn’t leave it,though it set me back almost 3k

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[ATTACH=full]84926[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]84924[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]84925[/ATTACH]
Pure bliss. Wish I knew how I can upload to share, hata nyinyi mubarikiwe!

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Worth it bro. Totally worth it

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Wacha tu nimeze mate. How Great Thou Art na Amazing Grace kwanza!!

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It is…
When doing a long drive, nothing better than that music to accompany you

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An excellent collection you have there

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