Of hired goons/supporters escorting leaders to court

When shall this madness ever end…kwani si wakenya tulirogwa…u find a fully grown man/ woman after kupewa kitu kidogo goes to court to support his/her leader hata kama the leader is guilty

lOOK at that man , right side of picture (encircled in red)…baba mzima wa mtu foregoes his duty to go and shangilia Moses Kuria, a person who was caught on tape inciting pple to kata pple with pangas. The man is seen there panuaring his meno brown teeth for the cameras & jioni ikifika no one even Kuria will ongeza unga in his sufuria. Little does he know that what Kuria said could have made the country go to a civil war & mwishowe its him and other ordinary citizens ndio wangeumia…akina Kuria will be long gone in their safety mansions…

Look at the charcoal black jaluo on the right above!! nigga prolly from Kibera na alikuja on foot to support his mentor Gov Kidero. Kidero prolly gave him 5sock to tukana and threaten Khalwale jus bcoz khakwale said Kidero ran down Mumias sugar. Funny thing is that u may find this foolish jaluos family is poor back in rural nyanza bcoz Mumias sugar could not pay farmers sugar cane money…jaluo ikakuja nairobi ku hustle and forgot about his troubles…mia tano inafanya mtu akuwe hivi…


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Hi Jay, you just ruined your very good post by spicing it up with tribal slurs. In fact it puts you in the same class with the people you are trying to criticise…


nilijuwa ulikuwa hapo…not news to me

ni sawa lakini point imefika home…i guess

No. Not in the way it would have induced a moment of reflection had it been soberly presented (propaganda 101-aim to win over the hearts of “right-thinking” members of society)

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and are you one of the right-thinking

i believe so, yes. una swali lingine, or you want to engage me in an imaginary fight?



When you calling that goon a jaluo how different are your words from moses kuria’s other than him being a leader? Hata mbwa, punda, nyoka, fisi NKT(nakathalika) ni matusi pia! My poorest cent!

your post sent the point home, wachana na hizi kelele za punda! I agree with you.


Huyo Jaluo hajui mtu anapoint. Soo tano zimemlewesha.

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This picture is dedicated to that jaluo goon and his gang…+ I do hope he sees what is happening in his home village while he is busy payukaring in Nairobi…Payukaring in favor of some one who is currently watching the 9pm news on his 62 inch TV while sipping the most expensive liquor while this jaluo goon ako some where in Kibera prolly those tu mabati Tv halls drinking changaa watchingthe same news akijichocha kwa wenzake ati mnaniona kwa TV nikituis mhesh Khalwale…nani kama mimi


Hapo Jay umenena. People never learn.

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Hehehe…i hate Kidero with all my bones, i know very well he killed our mumias, hez an SOB bt still…

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political hooliganism and demagoguery is an industry

he is in your party,lakini raundi hii mtajua Nairobi iko na wenyewe

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Na si hiyo jaluo iko na mkono mrefu?

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Once you know politicians just come to entertain you so as he may use you., you will be happy… What if it is you who were in court… would he accompany you and act the way you acted… ignorance will kill us… #politicksmyleftfoot


leo Bonny Mtetezi amekuja kortini na genge lake la Ungems

Hehehehe. I saw that coming. Wamerushiana mawe.