Of free advice, therapy and counselling BS

For most of us, there comes a time in our lives when we need some people to advise us on what steps to take for an after-effect action. Like whether or not to marry that guy/woman who’s broke, change religions, keep a pregnancy, quit a job, invest in shares, you name it

But most often than not, we usually have an answer deep in our brains and we just tend to look for someone to tap it out. Someone to “identify” that answer in your head and pop it out for you. Coz let’s face it, who ever woke up not knowing what to do with his/her current situation and asked a passer-by for his “advice” that made him change his blank mind?

I don’t believe in counseling. Mostly because these therapists are a bunch of money suckers who always tell you what you know,. they know how to “tap” from you your own advise.

So I guess, next time you want advice from people, free therapy and the likes, just sit your own head down and be sincere to yourself. You always have an answer. Granted, it HEALS to talk PAINFUL stuff out,…but You just don’t need to ask ten people if the guy in your life is a keeper, or if you have to invest in the real estate. Go out there and do it

Life f**** us all differently. There’s never a know-it-all in our midst. Before you drag a stool round the fire and call over friends for a pitty chit chat party, drowning yourself in everybody’s opinions, …Learn from your own experiences and experiences of others, and make YOUR own logical choices…


Hehe, I like you, where did you come from?

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:)Have been around. Been viewing and reading threads via google…so I decided to join

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Chunga usipite ile route inaitwa corner mbaya…Oflate imekuwa na rapist wengi sana…But, Just in case they do anything, Got your back…Can offer a shoulder you can lean on and cry the pain…I have comforted many and wouldn’t mind doing the same kwako…AND, these a good piece of advice. I don’t believe in Counseling pia…Coz the ultimate decision lies in me…

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Buy a tandem bike for you and @trish …uniachie @Unicorn!

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Sidhani @Unicorn anaweza niacha na pia mimi siwezi muacha

bora msikaribe @Purr_27 .she’s off limits

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Case in point! Am currently hunting for a 9 inch dick (my current situation). How do I tap it out and I don’t have one? Am sincere to myself, am sure I want it! But honestly speaking I don’t have an answer for my situation…

Hunt no more your solution is here!

thank you

+1 the village is growing kindly identify yourself with the right team, the teams on offer are

  1. Team fta
  2. Team mafisi
  3. Team df
  4. Team kawasaki

Feel free and welcome but if you have been reading from the sidelines i guess its just fair to adminster the entrance exam

haya wapi yule custodian wa mitihani…

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Hunting for 9 inch dick…worry no more @Supu
don owns a sizeable collection of
Dildos… i suggest u get from her
a remarkable 12" by the time u
are through…it wil leave u a
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Exactly my point. If you already know you got the answer, why need his solution in the first place?

Thank you. Am not good in exams though…not even with multiple choices;)

Am surely not team Dry Fry, Mafisi or Kawasaki…am a traditionally normal sexual woman…:D:D:D:D

Fta ndio sijui hio ni nini…

@kabuda umesoma hii?

Do i know you trish ??? got to admit. A nice read. But on the other hand, a man got to earn a living and if it’s means me sitting down and listening to your holler stories and then you pay me. So to be it. It’s a man eat man society.

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I need the real thing pris!

One Bruce Jenner turned Caitlyn Jenner might help you.

Otherwise your funny comment has been duly noted by team mafisi in the house