Of desperation, thrills, and a weird world out there PART 2

PART I for those who did not see; http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/of-desperation-thrills-and-a-weird-world-out-there.5655/#post-79052

I knew I had options to ramnya in my car but I just wanted the thrill…and see what others experience “kwa solja’. So I follow the girl as she guides and makes us cross the road hapo karibu na former Timau. There are many trucks packed there, pamoja na stock of tanks and sand for a certain hardware next to the club. Lo and behold …hapo ndio kwa solja. Pay the solja 50 bob and he allows you to go in between the lorries, where there is pieces of carton laid on the ground and partly on the sand. Only the tanks cover you from public on the other side of the road but a keen looker can see activity in there if they bother.

Kuingia kwa solja was like another world. Guys screwing every where in that small space on cartons… actually unasongewa mkiwa na poko wako, anatoa ngotha and you get to work like everyone else. We must have been 15 or so couples screwing next to each other. I had never seen something like that. Na njaa yangu I went to work on my poko… shot pap. Next to me was a verrry beautiful poko also being ramnyad by I think a tout. F* it I was horny… Nikwambia ntampea soon ne aniongezee shot (All tis negotiation whilst wearing my clothes kneeling and paying the other lady. I figured what the heck …after all I was wearing protection… and I had already gone down that road so whether one or two or ten…doesnt matter. She seemed to have liked how I looked and she smiled and said sawa…akavuta kange sjui wapi hapo kange akacum in one second. Akaskumwa kando alafu mimi huyo…ju yake. Then she whispered “ na usiharakishe kama huyo fala …ameniweka moto na hajamaliza…aki wewe ni mhandi”. My Di again was at 90 degrees. Slowly I started ramnyaing her with slow strokes. Then after a while I increase the speed and the thrust going deep at times and shallow at others. I have never seen a poko speak in toungues but this one stated to do so. Saa hiyo traffic ya wateja wa solja is still ongoing. Couples screwing next to us malizaing and going and other new ones coming. I think we got lost in our world coz btw she was sweet. Kidogo, I had her shout all of a sudden; and said some words in what seemed like latin exorcism and came like crazy.mimi pia. In that melee, I think everyone stopped for a min to observe the girl who was like possessed hadi nkaskia makofi…wasee wananicongratulate. I woke up lifted my trouser smilling to myself and thought that is 700 well spent.

The amount of Sex that happens right before our eyes in the estates is amazing yet we are oblivious. We see but we cant SEE. lodgings are everywhere and this so called soljas places. I have since been taken to another soljas place chini ya gate ya flat flani hapo tu karibu na comrades, kwa kibanda ya shoe maker nyuma ya home depot etc… Of weird things in the night I tell you.


Hehe kweli hii dunia ina mambo, mimi nimebuy kuma mara moja tu and the experience was not so good for me and since that time sipendi mapoko wa barabara, i ’ ll do a listing about that

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Mpatieni! mpatieni! hiyo HOYA tumalize hii maneno.

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hahaha noma sana lakini the use of this word ndio imeniua

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Hahaha eti makofi

Nice hekaya on a slow Monday. We’ve said it time and again that pokos are not in it for pleasure. All they are interested in is your money and the faster you are through with it and pay, the better for them.



Boss, this sounds like a wet dream. when you woke up your boxers were wet, huh?

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Nimecheka…ati makofi!

Huyu jamaa deserves hoya till 2017


Hehehehehe. Sasa wife akisema, ‘I have a headache’, you have an instant solution. Wewe unakaa unaamkanga saa sita kutoka kwa nyumba unaenda unararuana kisha unarudi without your wife knowing.

Interesting. …

:eek::eek::eek:.Am disappointed beyond words.

Hehe, inaitwa wholesale fuacking. For that beautiful Hekaya you earn



Timau zimma ama nanyuki?

:eek::eek: Really… Kwani you had eyes for me? As in WTF???



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I said of weird things out there…Yes there is a world like that.Wasn’t a dream


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