Of Brainwash and Things Hollywood

Lately I discovered my potential in Alchemy weaponry.

It started with some talkers here advertising a shity series by name “sense 8” partially shot in Kenya.
Hollywood is lately on an agenda to push the gay story down people’s mindsets. It is purely uneconomical for a mganga to sacrifice 20 minutes to download an episode and end up bored since two shit sniffers are going at each other.
Long story short, it got me thinking.
Sometimes back I had crafted a recipe for extracting ricin from plants(will share the process later)
Now with that ricin, when the gays start running wild thanks to impending support from Obama, I start a condom manufacturing company. The edition will be laced with ricin and campaigned to target them.
Within a few months we will have reduced their numbers so that they do not threaten our normal way of life. I say this bearing in mind that minorities normally find favour in the long run; ask the girl child who is marginalized this days.


Nothing like a big ol’ cup of homophobia and genocide in the morning.


But what about guys like you who bang their wives by night but(t) men in the daytime? Won’t you end up killing 3 people when you mix up your rubbers?


*heads back to the lab to find a solution.





Hio thread ameuliwa na @kijanamrefu :D:D

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Hehehehe. Maybe you can also get a cure for AIDS.

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Iko lakini watu watazaana mbaya, na wanawake watapeana nyau hadi uwezi ita dem wako.

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last i heard sewer rats do not use gum-wraps

And you compare yourself to a rat! WTF?

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am not you, schuupid!

Then you will remember we are almost numbering 8billion. If the said 4 billion couples could each have two kids that is about 12 billion people. With another generation the increase will be a geometric progression. Add to that the ability to fuck as we like that will come with an AIDS free population.Within 30years we will be at 25billion na ngano, samaki, githeri etc ni ileile!

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Back to the lab, its time for your medication.

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Thts why we r buying real estate in Mars:D

Wait…WAIT!!! they all should die… your HAVE the solution.

Malthusian crisis is an ogre tale used to whip us into line

Ata tukiwa ten trillion bora tusihate food, shelter, DF…etc. But I doubt

Im assuming that everyone is immortal in this alternate planet earth that you have based your math on.