Of Bluetooth earphones and brain tumours


Mimi I’ve noticed that whenever I wear these things in both ears for a prolonged period I get headaches, latest being a 3 day headache this week.
Sasa nimeamua kurudi back to wired earphones and if I have to use Bluetooth earphones nitumie for limited time na skio moja cos apparently when you use them in both ears they communicate and fry your brain proper.
Back to you in studio


Weka ile kichungi ya chuma kwa both…inablock zile waves noma

Bro utazikwa na maisha iendele.
Skiza mziki ama stfu

you mean Radi Free ?

Hata ukivaa moja bado Tu kuna siku utakufa.
Do you get it?

Anything causes cancer nowdays, even the food you eat. No wonder Moses Kuria said anything in 254 is a risk for death. Something must kill a man.

Wachana na gutter press za MAGA.

Low quality and ill-fitting earphones are likely to give you headaches.

Bluetooth, wifi, 5G, microwaves and so many waves are all around you. Huwezi epuka. The sun is the greatest source of radiation on earth.