Of baboon and puppy.....

Waswahili husema akutukanae hakuchagulii tusi… in a fight you dont get to choose where your opponent should hit you.

Having said that, it would be hypocritical to claim Babu Owino was wrong for calling Uhuru names yet in here you are reffering to Raila as Kihii, Baboon or kipii and in some instances hurling insults to his family.

The so called leaders are truly a reflection of who we are…heck we voted them in, they are one of us. Why on earth were we expecting saints to grace our screens with noble,poetic words and innuendos?

Babu was wrong, kuria was wrong…so are many talkers who today seem to be touched and holier than thou. Charity begins at home so before you cast a stone…

Wueh. Si leo nimebeat…

No other politician in kenya has ever called another politician’s mother a dog. Stop your nonsense. Moses Kuria was arrested and fined

Huyu amechagua ngumi ya tumbo…


I just liked your stuff for the first time. I like your view of the whole scenario.

au teke la McAggary

I find no offense when my friends call me “kìhii kìa dagìtarì” but try calling me the same if you’re younger

Passing cloud

ni ukweli tu,the country is in a brace for impact position, we tolerated it among ourselves. When shit hits the fan,we act like we just landed from Mars and truly astonished on whats going on in our beloved country. Wars and ethnic cleansing don’t just pop out of nowhere.

[SIZE=5]I think it was Gandhi who said -Your thoughts become your words, words that become your actions that would eventually determine your destiny.[/SIZE]

Hakuna matusi ndogo mbele ya bwana, matusi yote ni sawa mbele ya bwana x32

The term Kîhîî is usually not an insult, it simply means you have not gone through the cut. But it can be used to chide a grown up person who behaves like a one who has not been cut like doing childish acts

Kuingilia another person’s parent, esp the mother- whether a politician or mwananchi- is just a line people don’t cross. The problem is between you and them, nobody else.

You never made this observation when Duale remarked on Isaac Ruto’s mother. Neither did you comment when Kamwana told someone Hague sio kwa mama yake. So shut the fuck up.

watusiane hata na kidney zao…they don’t help me fund my living anyway.


Juu unanijua sana can you bring up where we were discussing this and I never made such remarks. Meffi wewe