Of a Ksh 10M VX bday gifts and other long stories...i knew this wont end well

This is what happens when you air out you smelly perfumed panties for the whole world to see…This people who pop up and claim that they have a billion dollar turnover every year but our blonde journalists never ask for their annual audited results…


even this website leaves alot of questions…debt financing, equity financing what the hell is that…global partners you don even name them…there are a whole lot of legitimate industries in kenya that dont have a billion dollars in turnover like say safaricom had 23 billion profits in 2014 sasa huyo mama na hio benchmark yake she makes much more na hata she’s bila Offices

I know the Sriram guy from India personally and he’s as stingy as all indians come…how this mama convinced him to lend her thousands of dollars in cash is beyond me



what people dont realise this days is that many young people compromise (ningesama ‘bribe’ lakini sitasema) their way to be featured in this " we have made it programs" because once you appear on TV its a vote of confidence on your scams and you just sit back and wait for the masses to come invest their hard earned money

I followed the debate and most people did not want to think along that line, that website cannot give one confidence to even lend her a million bob, however, any divergent opinion was branded as “Hater”

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Pia mimi niliangalia tu na nika reserve my comments…not that i’m pulling a sister down…but i have a lot of reservations on our journalists this days from the days of Heshan Da Silva and that Rich and young program


Big difference btw. turnover and profit, turnover ya safcom was US $1.7 billion

that 23 billion in profits was in kenya shillings…and thats less that a billion dollars…i just wanted to compare the profits of safaricom to “benchmarks” annual turnover…meaning because its a small company with negligible running costs her profits would have been much higher

pia mimi nilisema tu…nikaona watu wakitajana haters.

And one more fucking thing…people should learn to take criticisms. I have crossed paths with a female friend of mine who claims that her friend who is only 24 yrs bought land in Thome and continued to build herself a house and drives car all be herself…and she is still single…fuck, and when I point to her why that story is a fake she says that I am hating…stupid woman that one.


This is following a similar pattern kama ile ya that fake billionaire Samuel Muthui na Heshan. Sasa ana dispute na landlord? Wonders never cease.

Who exposed this guy Heshan? Is it a video? Naweza taka kuiona sana. Saidia link tafadhali.

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Field Marshall Couch P is so loving this post!! infact he is wanking to it

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pia mimi nataka hio link


Si ni wewe ulikuwa unaita watu hapa haters while praising that con-woman?

it started with this guy

then this other one picked up to cover his tracks on why he fated him on his show


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yawa grown ups leave the lady alone. mnataka sasa atoe proof ya bank account after kuwaonyesha ya kra after mliclaim that that she doesnt pay her taxes?

Fake as they come. I know 5 lecturers from KU who are struggling to build their retirement homes in Thome. Mimi sio hater but i can tell no ninja with his 24 yrs is building anything around Thome.

Have you read those articles? Anybody can file tax returns.


Tuonyeshe tax return ya kulipa taxes for the billion dollars turnover…hata angekuwa fated na KRA as on of the biggest tax payers in Kenya

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This is the Sriram guy…used to develope apps and solutions for Google India…and then he came to Kenya in around 2009 to work on a google project…well like all Indians he never went back




I can file my nil returns right now and get that cert in a flash

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I can tell you that we argued so much I almost slapped some sense into her