In my earlier years, I belonged to the ‘delay marriage’ movement. Now I find myself at 37 and unmarried. That shouldn’t ordinarily be a big deal, because I mean, a typical 37 years is still good and should be able to attract nice women. Challenge ni vile, for some reason (I think it is shift work or something) I have aged very fast in recent years. Now I find myself looking 57, yet I am only 37. Now you can imagine the challenge of a man who looks 57 looking for a wife. The choices are very narrow. I simply can’t seem to get the type of chic I desire or feel I deserve. The only people who seem to be genuinely attracted to me are ‘majimama’. People also seem to believe that those are what I deserve, because I look 20 years older than my age. It is getting to a point where I will probably have to settle for a single mother with 2 or 3 kids or a bar woman or an ex-lanye.
So learn from my experience. Oeni when you are still reasonably young. You don’t know how you will age. You may find yourself at 37, looking like 57 year olds and you would have a very huge challenge getting proper wives.

On aging its solely upto you… the minute you turn 30 working out , eating healthy and having atleast 7.5 hrs sleep are not optional… the earlier you start the better. Buda you can still make some changes.

Two years to 37 years, wife, two kids in tow 7 and 5 years. looking younger than ever…MGTOW mnajidanganya na mtakuja kililia kwa choo huko mbele.

NV ghaseer

Lewis Hamilton F1 champion is 36 and looks 24 but still a childless bachelor. Jamaa ako na kakitu kuliko your entire village combined, blame your lazy and poor genetics for your shitty life.

Ghaseer, wewe ata ukioa tutatombea wewe khupipi.

Badilisha nepi polepole nanii. I am sure your kids are as retarded as you are, or even worse. Hatuoi!

Hii pressure nlipewa na wazazi some years back and I made very wrong choices

:D:D:D…kua mpole.

Wachana na nairobi ingia mashinani ukule vitu tunakula huku na you will never ever ever look at nairobi again.
Kuna post ya msee ako cendro alisema the same thing…si utani mtu wangu…ingia reserves uone untapped natural beauty…una doh kiasi i hope.
Halafu joh…chapa tizi kiasi na uwache stress ndogo ndogo…maisha ni ile moja tu.
Cast your burdens unto Jesus cause he caaaares fooor yooouuuu…unakumbuka hio wimbo…ilikuwa for real.


The body can misbehave, even with the best efforts.

you forgot to mention that you are poor.

I was in a similar predicament. But nkajipanga.

So that means ukioa sasa with best of luck your first born will be nxt year and if he goes upto tertiary he will leave school may be when he is 23yrs,by then you will be 61yrs old. Most probably you will be buying diapers even at 70.

My advice, if you got no serious investment Oa singo mother with a daughter below 5 yrs na wewe uongeze mmoja ufunge hio chapter.

But remember what the kijiji concluded fatherhood is the least rewarding job enjoy your kids when they are below 12 coz after that you are just an ATM.

The only women you are likely to attract on the basis of money alone would be lanye-types…

Wacha kuchocha mthii na ako na machida.

37 Years, hope uko na watoto

If you have money, you can get any woman you want at whatever age.
If you’re struggling, then pole sana ndugu. Compromise na utafuta those single mothers wako 30 to 35.
Or go to your village and look for some kienyejis.
Kwa jiji utaangukia tu former lanyes

Age difference between spouses should not be beyond 7yrs. So your choice of a wife should be 30-37yrs .


Studies show that the 4-5 year age gap provides the most stable relationship. Gaps more than 8 to 10 years show higher disillusionment, quarrels and disturbed interpersonal relationships, leading to separation and divorce. Biologically, sexually and reproductive health-wise short gap up to four to five years, where the girl is younger, works well. A woman’s desires and sexual responses peak between 20 and 35 years. [/I]

Lakini wewe! Unataka kuconfuse msichana uko 30s na unakaa unagonga 60? Work on yourself alafu tafuta bibi.