Oduma numba chronicles

I must be among the luckiest with the Huduma namba. They came where I was for registration. I only had my ID with me. Yes, that’s all I used for my huduma namba registration. So those who are claiming about weeding out IDs that were issued out illegally, think again. Save for the few questions on education level (I believe they will still ask during census ) and my finger prints digitally on their IPads(they can consult IEBC and OT-M), I don’t think they gained anything that’s not held by a government agency. Ooh they took a photo of my ID. Without NSSF, NHIF, PIN etc and tagging my whole clan along for registration, I don’t know how consolidation of my data will work out.

I feel more irritated by this exercise than I was before. What a blatant waste of money. This is an exercise that the government could have done in the background or better with the proposed new generation .

To make the matters worse no number is generated from that input. I have a waiting slip with my National ID number for HUDUMA NAMBA.

The whole excercise leaves one feeling like as Wanyeki Kago says a Ngondu!!!

But I will give it to the gang. Atleast some young fellas got some work to do. You know, employment to the youth. And you know as the mountain wahengas said, he who eats alone will die alone.

whenis the deadline btw…i feel i should get this number finally

Cia arûme ciûragîra kûingî.
Nî njûra na ago.
Ûkûrû ûrîaga wîthî.

Just say you regret taking it…after all the hype/threats about huduma…jioni unaenda nyumbani na waiting slip:D:D:D:D:D

So Huduma Namba=ID Number

Why are you mis using methali. One is always enough.

Cia arûme ciûragîra kûingî can translate to pesa ya wanaume ni Kama ya matatu. Inalisha polisi, kanjû, slay queens, makonika, dere, conda, hawkers, NTSA, kamâgerâ, mungiki etc

One fine day next year an illegal is going to present your ID in Moi Airport on his way to Nairobi. By that time, the government will be doing a biometric check for Kenyans prior to boarding domestic flights. There will be a small glitch because of mismatch of finger print signature on the central mainframe.

They will let him travel after a few minutes of arguing but your ID will be red-flagged. However his fingerprints will probably be captured, “for purposes of rectifying the central database.” Nothing of the sort will be done. In the central registry, your digital finger prints will remain safely attached to the aunthetic data your presented on your registration today.

Then one day, the nigger will present a your ID at another screen point, and his fingerprints will again be captured and this time, the red flag that was triggered previously will likely throw a security risk advisory of sorts and he will probably be arrested. You will likely have to show cause why your ID is in the possession of an illegal.

This whole thing is a farce ! All this shit could have been done with an Id , I use it on ecitizen to get all govt services , dont forget the still have your prints on the Id and digitally on the voters roll !

mimi kesho

Sichukui hii namba

I agree. They should just have told us that only those who do not yet have biometrics on a national registry need to register huduma, and also the kids. Unless the new photograph is needed in updating the data for facial recognition.

See why you are a faggot? The other day you were imploring your aufa meo battalion to go for that useless piece of isht. We’ve all along known it’s good for nothing and you’re only realizing

Settle down wasp-man.

Only took it on Friday after Matiangi issued alot of threats otherwise still don’t understand the its importance after staying on the line being scorched for almost 9hrs

Zile line za kuchukua Huduma Namba kwani zimeenda wapi? Ama wamesajiliwa

Very true!

Wanangojea next deadline