I pity the way ODoMos spend a lot of time and resources supporting a candidate who at the end will be sympathetic to the jubilee government… Memusi was Jubilee to start with and only crossed over to protest what he termed unfair nominations… Another example is Mathare K1 who got a direct nomination from ODM but now supports jubilee… It’s interesting how CORD in its despiration to remain relevant self-destructs everyday… My observation’s!


your observation,your opinion…politiks stil z a dirty game…woe unto those who believe in it…its like an addiction

Well put @Supu …dont forget Nkaiserry.

i cant believe they won…


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@Supu is that really you???



am even wondering clossed ina ingilia wapi

kwani the name Supu is trademarked?

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Hata mimi nangoja vile old monkey atajibu.


Go sue.

Why do you take elections so personally?
It is just a game for them - remember there is us and there is them

So you think the memusi guy loved jubilee so angekufa nayo. Its politics and in politics, whatever favors you is what you go with. If ODM had prospects of winning with that candidate its okay. That was the best bet. So they should have fielded a candidate who is ODM life member only to get 100 votes? Ata Ruto was once the number one henchman wa Raila, but he knows where his luck lies. Sycophancy achia raia ya kupiga kura.

Ati wasee ya nyanza wali break into song and dance ju ODM imeshinda kajiado… Gosh. Suuuuuch idlenesssss