ODM Withdraws from Nairobi Gubernatorial Race

ODM, after looking clueless for a while, has finally withdrawn from the race. There was talk of a handshake candidate card in the offing, but somehow that seems to have fizzled out.

What is happening to the biggest political party in Kenya?

Hustlers have really shaken them

The ground is very hostile and unforgiving. They have simply opted out of the humiliation. Nobody had even stepped forward to buy the ticket as was the norm.

For Jubilee Kitaeleweka, their pick was always going to be defeated badly. However choosing dennis waweru is the icing on the cake. The guy first term at dagoretti south was basically to use his mp seat for tenderpreneurship in national government in the name of muranga leaders of central. The second thing is to continue his thieving buddies quest with kidero. The more he made money, the more aloof and condescending he was with constituents. By year 3 of being MP he told everyone he is contesting for governor and not interested on MP again. That was until he lost Jubilee primaries to Sonko and tried to remain MP in an independent ticket. Defeating him again will be a great pleasure to many.

Tunapea hasola hii kitu.
Sonko n yt2 will mobilize ppl on the ground

Can only work if Margaret Wanjiru is the candidate in that case.

So far the candidate list is poor such that Margaret Wanjiru will be the best of the worst. Let’s see how it will go.

wacheni ushenzi na propaganda , the handshake clearly gives the way forward on by elections. if the holder of office was of either party wanawachiwa hio race. it happened in KIbera, msambweni, thika road so mbona munajifanya iko different Nairobi? ODM will lend its voters to Jubilee

Wewe wacha porojo mingi tuambie nani alikula sergent Kenei kwanza.

In Kibera Jubilee had a candidate. Na uache umama, in a place like Nairobi where they shared the spoils in the last election it only makes sense if they could have a joint ticket, but then again the candidates who have presented their papers have nothing that we can talk about, very nondescript.

The all kikuyu ticket of Waweru-Kagure is a non starter, haiendi pahali.

hehhehe ODM does not mean Luo and Jubilee does not mean sapere, ofcourse the running mate will be most probably a Luhya hawata run pamoja as gavana and deputy. but as imesemwa hapo juu these are the worst people jubilee imepeana. kitu itawasaidia ni the sure bet Raila votes in Nairobi. the sapere and kamba votes will be divided, turnout pia itakuwa chini

Now that ODM has pulled out , will Ruto front his man to fight it out with a Jubilee candidate?

Will Peter Kenneth be the Jubilee Candidate ?

Dennis Waweru

hapo sasa if Ruto and other jubilee MPs campaign against Jubilee candidate naona officially atapewa suspension leading to expulsion. Raila amecheza kama Emile Smith Rowe :D:D:D:D:D

Unfortunately WSR is a vvvv wily cat. Difficult to outsmart him.

DP will not support anyone, but kuna vile nairobians will know which side he supports

[SIZE=6]JUBINASA IS GOING NOWHERE. EXCERCISE IN FUTILITY. Hii ni rehearsal ya vile bibiyai ita anguka by saa tatu.[/SIZE]

Is Wanjiru vying? Sijamuona mahali

Looks like she is the wild card that Ruto will release, in a way that its known he is the candidate sponsor, without having to campaign openly for her.

The government will win.so jubilee candidate.