ODM embarks on identification of its 2022 presidential candidate


:D:D:D after one week they will say ’ As we embarked on a rigorous painstaking democratic process of identifying a presdential candidate for ODM party we unanimously came to a conclusion that jakuon is the only candidate able to compete with ruto…’


ODM embarks on a grueling process to identify Raila as its flag bearer. The process will be very thorough and will conform to the highest democratic standards.

:D:D:D:D:D wale watu waliamua kuweka the two clowns Junet na Sifuna kwa decision makers wa ODM uongeze hapo senile Oburu mtu hawezi funga mdomo kama mumama wa salon fully buried the party .

the suspense is killing me!:D:D:D

We are waiting for the biggest announcement!!! First comedy series ,

Is there any need

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D … after the rigorous process … we have a pope


But I think Raila has given up on being president, he is capable of sacrificing himself and his ambition just to see that Ruto does not make it…

I thought so in 2013 then 2017…well, we know the story

And water is wet, dynasties mko na mchezo

Kumbe ODM sio Odinga Dictatorship Movement?

I am shocked

The significance to all this started recently when Kenyatta family finally revealed their card that “prince” gideon kipsiele is their candidate. His nyayo era $1.5 billion stolen loot being available then portions of it would finance the campaign and not necessarily Kenyatta family anymore.

Anyway this has to start from the beginning. DP Uncle Ruto in the 1st term of Jubilee government was coordinator of government business while President Uhuru gave final approvals. It worked well, government was organized and effective. When President Uhuru indulged too much everyone turned to DP Uncle Ruto and everything remained on course. That position of coordinator of government business gave Chief Hustler a lot of friends, connections, wide network home/abroad and enemies as well. One of those who weren’t happy were some members of Kenyatta family, clan and hangon’s who felt with their son there they didn’t need to go through anyone else. So they plotted. After 2017 win handcheque discussion which started by RAT approaching DP Uncle Ruto ended with him referring him to President Uhuru. Something the President himself acknowledged in bomas. In that second discussion muhoho now turned it around to be the beginning of the changes in jubilee and government. The idea was that once they buy the whole opposition then DP Uncle Ruto is checkmate. Muhoho is now coordinator of government business. RAT lied to President Uhuru that he will not ran in 2022 and he stupidly believed him. Both camps started plans to amend the constitution in their preference to their lineup. odm wanted an executive PM, parliamentary system and RAT to be it. Kenyatta clan wanted to pool all the puppets together like madvd and watermelon and get a suitable line up under expanded government with muhoho as part of the lineup. President Uhuru said he would retire. To them a ceremonial President RAT and gideon kipsiele as DP. President to get a few cabinet picks like Foreign affairs, ministry of defense and ministry of interior. PM as muhoho, DPM madvd and DPM watermelon.

Problem is that just after handcheque took place for the cameras and Kshs 10 billion - $100,000,000 paid. The DP Uncle Ruto counter strategy started. He chipped on their plans and moves until they lost. The grassroots also didn’t buy this dynasties plan compounding their plans. When President Uhuru was briefed on its unpopularity and started changing the plans and structures. DP Uncle Ruto called to a meeting and agreement made. RAT preferred Executive PM plans dropped in favour of the Hybrid system in Bomas 1 launch. The Kenyatta clan were happy, RAT disappointed, what most don’t know is that Chief Hustler accepted because he was going to turn the tables in his favour in that Hybrid system once it was passed. Punguza mizigo constitution referendum bid complicated dynasties moves. It had popular support. It took government a lot of money to bribe MCAs to drop it at their county Assemblies. Breastfeed baba initiative rallies started after Punguza mizigo was sabotaged but those rallies were taken over by Moses Kuria and Murkomen. People also rejected it. Corona measures couldn’t come quickly enough before Nakuru rally that was to be its dead bed. Bbi 2 came with more proposals to weaken other constitution bodies and finally an national uproar took place starting with DP Uncle Ruto at Bomas 2.

This uproar forced changes on the draft overnight to be relaunched at KICC as a different document completely that even RAT and his minion didn’t know anything about it. This draft was subjected by talks lead by Moses Kuria representing Tanga Tanga and kitoeleweka. The reason this took place is because Church leaders lead closed door meetings with UhuRuto and the outcome was the current and further talks on this changes. This year talks haven’t taken place and therefore Breastfeed Baba initiative remains bad and unacceptable.

However what has happen this year is the rollout of final plans which takes us back to the first paragraph. President Uhuru bought his 1000acres ranch in Narok where he is building his retirement home. He will not stay in is State house road newly rebuilt grand home just next to State House or at Gatundu family home. DP has gone full blast to complete the hustler movement grassroots outreach and empowerment rallies. gideon kipsiele has stepped up and told the current puppets - madvd & watermelon and soon to be fully trained puppet RAT that watatembea chain for a second round under a new master that is him. Chain, chain moment.

That’s why RAT odm suddenly is sending orengo to test waters on leaving and trying to rebrand themselves back in opposition. Same time handcheque pesa ni tamu and RAT needs to continue his billionaire lifestyle since he doesn’t have one profitable business in his family estate. State goodies like access and VIP podiums are highly fancied just to leave like that. Atakubali chain or will he bolt out.

Wacha Ouru abaki peke yake after kutupia WSR mikono.