ODM And Democracy = Oil And Water

Even as they malign our country abroad, NASA is doing the usual job of raping democracy:

[I]National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has quashed nomination of John Mbadi as the House minority leader, saying due process was not followed.

Mr Muturi on Thursday directed the opposition to submit their list of leaders by November 17 when the House resumes from recess.


[B]The speaker said he had received many letters from the Nasa-affiliate parties over the alliance’s House leadership.

“I have received many letters, from ODM, Ford-Kenya, ANC claiming to have agreed on certain position. Surely, how do you expect me to make a decision? Please just follow the procedure as provided in the Standing Orders,” Mr Muturi said.

According to the Standing order 20(4), it is the minority whip who is mandated to communicate to the speaker over House leadership.[/B]
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[I]“Please just hold a meeting, take proper minutes and have a final decision over the matters. I believe that is not something difficult to do, in fact it can be done even today,” the speaker told the opposition.

Going forward, the speaker said he would not receive any communication from any other person other than the minority whip.


“I will not receive any more communication from strangers, we have proper channels as a House, which must be followed,” Muturi said.

ODM Chairman John Mbadi said the opposition has no problem complying with the standing orders as directed by the speaker.

“We are alive to the requirement of the standing order 20(4) and we will fully comply,” Mr Mbadi said.

“Our coalition has been in consultation over this matter from both the Senate and the National Assembly. However, I hear that the communication we have been doing has not been proper,” added the Suba South MP.

The list that was submitted by the opposition had John Mbadi as the minority leader deputised by Lugari MP Ayub Savula (Amani National Congress).

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui was proposed as the whip deputised by Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa of Ford-Kenya.

http://www.nation.co.ke/news/Kitale-farmer-takes-son-to-court-over-bride-price/1056-4136850-12fr2vy/index.html [/I]

…the highest priest of rule of law but can not follow it to agree in the coalition.