Odd Fruit

Believe it or not …
That is an Avocado …
What was it thinking …??? :D:D


So many people like @PHARMACY @Thirimaii @uwesmake @MajorProphet

Demakufu sitaki matako yako chafu , ata afadhali nitombe Ile big soft girlish ya @Weyn

I’m not offering.

It looks like a Maasai rungu


These are tools kina @Demakuvu , @Weyn and @Thirimaii shove up their rectums with impunity

Like I said earlier, just because you saw me leave Goodhope three times this week doesn’t make me your father. Go in there, look for your moms, ask her who impregnated her

@PHARMACY you know the only kind of attention you can get from me with my huge whooper.
Avail yourself pale jevanjee garden kesho na ukuje na arimis kale kadogo.
Room nitalipa na nikupe za taxi

I don’t care about that

@Weyn is a tree holder…@pharmacy…kumbe…:eek::eek:

@rexxumbwa = homosexual

Are you trying to tell us something?:smiley: