Mombasa hatutambui uhuru kenyatta, hiyo siku atijikuna kuna matako. I will not vote for him again after this nonsense

Vaa nappy usijikunie kwa usingizi vile umezoea.


We na nani Nuvileja Chieth.

niaje mischieth

Kama hujafikisha kura elfu kumi hatukutambui…jikune mfanane…

We uliskia vibaya…October no erection…kufa na dryspell…uhuru tano tena




You beat me to it

This is the new game plan. To make that no elections are held in October

to what end?

Tumeskia. Now bend over @uweskunyi anakam

If NASA says they won’t participate in the election,can they go to court and say the election was not free and fair and hence that’s why they lost??I wonder what kind of court case is being planned by Orengo and co.

These guys have their cards in order … They just keep on hitting us with surprise moves

sema unko

Whichever court will entertain such a mischievous suit will have to do away with the common legal maxim that - ‘he who seeks justice must come with clean hands’…But again, with the #WakoraCourts in place anything can happen in Kenya…