October 1

Inamaanisha nikienda kwa supa na pesa mzee hawataniuzia, ama kwa mpesa hawatachukua, ama kudeposit kwa ATM itakataa, @Motokubwa hataitikia pesa mzee aniuzie misumari… Sioni hii mambo ikiwezekana

Swali nzuri. Hapa mtaa ma bizna wanasukumia watu noti old. Game of music chairs

si ni noti za 1k pekee?and honestly for the last one week i haven’t seen any…

Ziko mingi sana

It was a short notice Wataongeza time ! Otherwise korti

Convert noti into coins

Trust me… that is what it means… unless you go to some remote hidden place and buy some cows, mbuzi with old currency from some ignorant natives there… then bring them to Nairobi or some other place and sell them receiving new currency!! I mean, conning…

All shops will refuse the old 1000 bob? Have CBK released data on currency mop up

Yes… The objective is to ensure that those who have illicit cash account for it as they exchange… else the cash will be souvenirs…

Why didn’t the US invalidate their old 100 dollar bill, they mopped them up bila kelele

BTW even Kenya does it quietly… this particular one is different because they want to nab tax evaders, money launderers, etc… because of you are hoarding 2billion shs in cash at home, you will have to explain where you got it from if you try to exchange… in fact, more than 5m KES is being flagged and one is required to provide paperwork on the source and could be deposited into your account and the account frozen until you are cleared… This one is like the Indian currency change

Wonder if they’ll make it impossible to deposit via ATM

You are allowed to deposit even from the ATM… if you can deposit millions… good luck… even then, they can still freeze your account if you deposit more than 5million…

I’ll keep a couple thousand za kujaribu

So long as both seller and buyer are in agreement the old note would continue to circulate. Bora isirudishe central bank. Bangla pesa inafanya. Noti ya 1000 itafanya. anything can serve as a medium of exchange so long as there is general acceptance by the parties involved

Would like to see who will accept this condemned currency when it expires…

kuna markets vibrant sana za ngombe uko mashinani na noti mpya hawajapata…karibu na mipaka ya uko sudan hawana habari kuna noti mpya

That is what I meant… but that is conning them considering that the one who will have the old 1k notes after 10th will not be able to get it into the mainstream financial system…


My grandmother had saved several birrions from her farming activities and family remittances…that’s a story coming up