OCT 17 - What is at stake greater than ALL PARTIES?

Whatever the outcome of the Oct. elections the decision taken by the high court allows us to have a more robust election process; with a future in which the looser gracefully accepts defeat, without the need to resort to calling for demonstrations which lead to deaths of many innocent people who often have no stake in the power game.

Kenya may also become a learning case study for other countries aiming to implement an electronic voting system in Africa, to avoid the pitfall of network transmission and other issues.

If we can have honest democracy with strong judiciary in Africa, then we will have made one large step in the right direction and towards tackling deep rooted corruption and poverty, for which we shall for ever be indebted to Hon. Justice Maraga.

Umesahau Tinga

There is a reason why even 400 year old democracies do not have such a precedence. MARAGA’S RULING WILL NEVER BE USED! Elections have and will always be about numbers. A technicality that does not affect the result will never again form the basis for nullifying an election.

[SIZE=4]Numbers! I guess you mean tribal numbers.
Eliminate deep rooted corruption and poverty; the tribal emotional blackmail used by politicians to align tribal alliances for selfish intentions diminishes.

Maraga helps how???

I guess i agree with you that the High Court ruling will help us have a more robust election coz the IEBC wont want elections nullified coz of technicalities. But anyone who calls for demonstrations instead of following due process is the problem not the system.

Kenya contrary to opposition vitriol has actually held an above average election and should be commended. The fact that no fraud has been proved yet is a good thing.

I wouldn’t be so quick to applaud Maraga, coz his explanation for nullifying a whole presidential election despite no evidence of fraud will determine whether he goes down in history an Icon or a fool.

We vilified the most competent IIEBC of recent times. Maraga is no fool, he is just a victim of the corruption of unchecked power.

What would you rather use goat turd numbers?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
The day you begin to understand that people vote for those they perceive to be aligned with their interests be they ethnic economical or even emotional interests is when you will begin to understand and appreciate democracy !

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Good people of Kenya let us avoid been too short sighted, we may miss the bigger picture. There are certain things which are not always immediately visible.