Whats happening with the society nowadays, especially that it become fashionable for ladies to send nudes to men; boyfriends and otherwise?

What is there to prove, when all the men know that you are a lady so you must have a cat? Arent this sights to be left to the bedroom only and the right apparatus, and not for the eyes? Just seen a posting on Nyakundi’s blog on the lady who took them with a selfie stick… ------> https://www.cnyakundi.com/2017/08/20/nudes-lets-make-this-bitch-famous/

If you are a man and you have never convinced a random lady to send you nudes, your Fisi club membership should be withdrawn.


Nilipata hadi thighs although pia angenitumia zote ningemuona funny…how does someone take off suruali and focus on her cat and after clicking send it to sm1? Dont you find it funny?

Nudes are for long distance relationships and when you travel out of town for business

Nudes are more like a form of foreplay
I find men who expose nudes sent to them in confidence as the pussies


True.plus ukishaasafisha mecho una delete


juu simu zikifika Kenya ulikuwa 54 ulikuwa unatumiwa na nini?


Yeah lazima uharibu ushahidi

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Nudes. A no no. If a woman is any good,she will keep the man intrested without necessarily sending nudes…
I think that men who ask for nudes have no flirtation skills and are potential blackmailers…


Refer to @Mundu Mulosi comment up there. Actually you not getting any nudes could be the cause of your insomnia


Posture yenye amekaa kwanza inakaa funny.
akipiga ana gundua imecapture pamoja na mcoondu anaamua kucrop.
Anazoom anapata tissue ilikuwa imebaki kwa mcoondu.
Anaitoa na kuiroll into a ball na kuflick across the room.


Hehehe…funny analysis, are you CSI in real life? That crime scene reconstruction is amazing.

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Why would I need nudes while I do not rate them anywhere…
I repeat,potential blackmailers ask for nudes. Desperate women send nudes. One does not need that kind of thing in a relationship…

Oh,and that comment by @Mundu Mulosi ? Sad. Very sad. But I can understand…after 7 kids,one needs to prove to themselves that they still got it…

Lakini wewe @Fala 12 ni fala tu. How are nudes related to insomnia…please explain na usiseme nduthi…utajiaibisha


If pink handles can help me understand this maze I would appreciate @Guru @Jergen @Female Perspective @Jergen @pseudonym pia kama alitumia wale wanaume wanampigania tu appetizers

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he he he hi hi hi Ki ki ki


When a chic is really into you, they do some very stupid things which many regret later when the relationship hits a bumpy stretch.

In short, tuseme C_nyakundi ako Alpha Betas and Omega. That was where the expose took place.

I can’t relate. I don’t send nudes. Wouldn’t want to give someone that much power over me.


Siku hizi it’s got nothing to do with love or intimacy. Ni in-your-face nyege and also marketing ya nyama.

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