A friend called me today and told me one of the people I look up to musically; Michel Ongaro is playing at TRM. Huyo mimi mbio kuketi kwa bench nielimishwe. Btw @Purr_27 nilitafuta short ya black lakini sikuona, ama ulikuwa ushaenda kuvunjana na @Nefertities?

I ended up noticing something different. That mall was choke full of somalis, And for each woman I counted, the average number of kids around them was 7. One had 15 around her. I’m not sure if all these kids are one woman’s

Now it got me thinking. If that number is to be replicated through each and every somali household, wouldn’t they be the community with the highest number of people in this our country

Disclaimer: I know for statistical purposes there are too many variables but for hekayas sake, let the assumptions hold

Somalis are Muslim, right? I know most joints in TRM had one thing or another organized for Eid. That may explain the many somalis.

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30% of army, 40% aps are somalis… And their headteacher mr nduale is eyeing president seat coming years. Soon we will be colonised again.

Under the guise of refugees using pirates money getting citizenship through our corrupt systems.

Question : how does the common mwananchi differentiate btn a north eastener and an illegal /legal Somali

I think if north eastern has no oil it should go. And the system should stop appointing them in high offices but that’s impossible if they financed the system into gov’t .we r fuckked.

colonized how? hao. I kabila moja ya Kenya. why didn’t Gen Mohamed Mohamoud Duale’s father-in-law declare himself president in 1982 and annex Kenya to Somalia? this blanket condemnation of Somalis is unfair and poisonous. we should not even be talking of Somali-Kenyans the same way we dont talk of Luo-Kenyans. To win this alshabaab war we must have our Somali brothers on our side; they can be the most fiercely patriotic Kenyans as we saw with Haji Jnr and other covert anti-terrorist operatives that have aided in the nailing of akina makaburi. guys like the Genral, Yusuf Haji, Ahmednassir are patriotic and heavily invested in Kenya to put it at risk. I would vote for Amina Mohammed as prezzy. In fact Somalis in Somalia have a dislike for Kenyans calling them somali sijui. Ahmednassir called it out right after the Garissa attack, alshabaab is being used for local clan politics not to propagate the shabaab ideology and this is our weakest link and failure of akina Duale and other Ogadeni leaders; they are either actors or knowledgeable observers. Also read up on the politics in Mandera pitting the Garre and the Somali clans, it’s a silent war going on that is oblivious of the wider Kenyan politics


Soon they will have a bargaining power just like rvalley,duale will have enough voters to demand either dp or more,remember those guys are not wasted in alcohol,this alcohol war was to protect the next generation voters from this upcoming block

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those are demographic and sociological dynamics and their impact on democracy that we have to accept or try to change in our tribal conclaves. Msomali ni kama any other kabila in kenya a go-getter and corrupt like any Kikuyu, Luhya etc. Isaak Hassan alikula kuku Mohammed Isahakia was one of the corruption kingpins in the PM’s office, Ahmednassir…well we all know about the adventures of the grand mullah, Yusuf Haji as PC was like any other provincial administrator and even once jailed a guy for denying him a ride in his personal car. The Kenyan culture is stubborn ni kama sisi ni wa mama moja we are so much alike that I dont know how we differ. You step out of the country and you hear people comparing you to another Kenyan of a different tribe utacheka “You Kenyans are all the same doing things speed speed and conmen” said with a Ugamdan accent

They were out in droves

Unfortunately, there might be oil and it’s also an important play ground for the military

I hope with the move to digital television someone would set up a station that focuses on the issues of those in NEP so that we can get to learn more about them; not this uhuruto raila everyday bullcrap